More transparency needed

I can see that the sentiment in big time community right now is pretty bad and alot of people are worried that this game might flop i know we are in prealpha stage but still…

Here is how to fix it:
Show us what u are working on like different bosses, sketches, different dungeons/timeshares, how our space looks like in game, how space will function etc.

Just give us something so we can get up our hopes and also sentiment will probably improve as well, right now big time devs doesnt tell us anything or neither show us anything.

Just my thoughts


Totally agree on this :slight_smile:

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There’s a lot of issue going on ingame and if you want to ask in bigtime discord server they will just skip your questions like for example the gpu usage etc. Bigtime ddnt show us some leaks on what they currently doing in the game. Im waiting for the roadmap, tokenomics and the release date.

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I agree with you, and what you’re suggesting is already being done by most of the bigger projects in blockchain gaming - they’re being transparent and showing their community what the devs are building, on twitter and other platforms, so that their community doesn’t feel left in the lurch and lose interest in the project. Although, there might be a reason that the Big Time team has taken the approach they have, wherein they’re not being as transparent as they could be, and aren’t sharing much on twitter compared to other projects. I’m not really worried about the future of the project though, as we’ve seen a number of significant updates already and it shows the team is dedicated and are making progress. The game still has a long way to go to fulfil its potential, but I think they’ll get it right eventually.


This post immediately made me think about Illuvium leaks channel. The team use it to post what they are working on in a raw format.

I am convinced that it would help the Big Time community to stay engaged and excited about the progress of the game.

I think it shouldn’t be time consuming to post a few screenshots in a week on this channel, and there is no need of explaining what these screenshot are about


Hi all, I just joined as Big Time’s Head of Community. I’ll be working on this and many other things in the coming weeks. I’m @Buck | Big Time in Discord.

Some facts about me:

  • I’ve been building online communities for > 30 years starting with an Amiga BBS
  • Retired professional gamer
  • I launched both the PlayStation and Ubisoft communities
  • 5300 hours in Path of Exile
  • I purchased Space in December
  • I’m playing daily

I’m a stickler for maintaining a positive, constructive, and welcoming atmosphere in the community. We need to be able to focus as much energy as possible on building value into the game and the community experience so people come and stick around.

Talk to you all soon!


Hi @Buck,

Welcome and thanks a lot for participating in the forum activity :slight_smile:

I have been talking with multiple people from BigTime over the course of the Silver pass, and I (many others too) have realized that you guys are currently figuring out how many things will be working later on. So, in a way it is difficult for you to share how is something going to work if you aren’t sure yet.

However, I believe it would be a great help for the community if we could have a visual of your current roadmap, like what’s your status on the token economy, utility nfts usage, timeshares, etc…
Visible status on those important elements that compose your game will provide comfort to the players. Once we realize a certain element is completed, we could expect a medium explaining that element.

As we haven’t heard of any new content or progress over the EAL, I am really looking forward to hearing soon from you guys <3


So happy to see this forum reply Bucky! This was a huge sigh of relief for everyone following the forums to see that you are well qualified to do the job AND that you are a gamer and play Big Time daily! This is an important role that should not be taken lightly, and it looks like Big Time may have hit a homerun with landing you on the team.

It’s not about grinding in discord answering questions on a one by one basis to connect with the community… Big Time has needed an updated communication strategy that starts with some replies to the top threads in the forums each week, and most importantly, a news button in the game client that lights up when there is a news update that has not been read. (twitter is fine for announcements but not ideal for regular news updates because it doesn’t hit everyone and it’s a peanut gallery most times)

We don’t expect to get details of systems that are in the works, but certain things that are already set in stone and answered over and over in forums and discord, should be pushed out to the whole of the community via the news feed in the client.

For example, “Will NFTs look better?” That is a questions asked over and over, because it’s a legit concern by the community and early investors who buy cosmetics and then see the same model on regular items in the game and get concerned. We know the answer to this (Yes!) but most players do not. That’s just an example of one thing that would be perfect for the news in client, there are many more!

I have pounded the pavement about these 2 things pretty hard, because I honestly believe doing those 2 things would connect the Big Time team to the community in a positive way and would not take a ton of time. I know the team is worried about releasing news and then having to back track on it down the line, but that is avoided by only releasing news that is set in stone. If something does change for some reason, an update on the change would be easy enough.

To avoid this post from becoming a wall of text, I will do a new thread with things I think the community needs to be updated on as a whole. Now that you are on the team, I can stop being so persistent about this stuff, because I am much more relaxed knowing someone qualified and dedicated has the reigns!

I think all players should give Big time a clean slate now that Bucky is on board and give him some time to execute an updated strategy to connect with the community. So excited to have you Bucky, I feel like we are in good hands now!



I can fully agree glad too see you on here @Buck excited to see what you have in store for the community!!! glad to have you on the big time team helping the community grow and become stronger!


when will a game be released and can l get

There’s no date on full release, but you can get a Ruby pass via giveaways. Join the official Discord for details.

Also, please don’t bump an old thread like this.