Most Recent AMA Updates

What’s up everyone,

Buffessor here. Just wanted to share quick pointers on the most recent AMA done this month.

Upon full launch you can expect:

  • New worlds. For example: Epic City is a new city that will be implemented where players can interact with one another, NPCs and will be more lore focused. Expect a variety of worlds to be added, adding to the variety of gameplay.

  • The team is expecting hundreds of thousands, if not millions of monthly active users after global launch. When they say something like this, they usually have marketing plans in place to make it happen.

  • The team is focusing more on onboarding Web2 gamers. This is great because the web3 gaming audience is tiny. Big Time is a great game and my web2 gaming friends have shown interest in it.

  • Economy: The team said that both players and non players has been buying from the marketplace. They have also confirmed that the economy will be much more robust after global launch (details yet to be released).

  • Most NFTs dropped during early access phase will ONLY be dropped during early access phase. You can expect a SMALL increase in supply of NFTs after global launch. If the team successfully onboards millions of monthly active users, the demand can outpace the supply.

  • Space can be combined to make Armory, forges and time wardens. Other players will be able to benefit from the items you generate from your space. You can also rent space to other players

  • In game gold, gems and other items will be used to upgrade rarity of NFT.

  • Higher rarity NFTs will be cooler or have added utility.

  • The team is focusing on increase in-chat and party finding system (thank god).

  • Big Time will have 5 years worth of playable content upon release, with PvP coming later.

  • Big Time was launched as a studio first (hence Big Time Studios), and will release other games down the line. Big Time is their first flagship game and proof of concept.

  • There are talks of a Big Time e-sports team. Interesting to see how that plays out.

If you are interested in Big Time video content (gameplay, guides and updates). Do check out my Youtube channel. I can’t add links here but you will find it if you search up: The Buffessor. I also post daily about Big Time on Twitter.


Amazing post I appreciate the effort to Inform the community of these topics/updates. It really makes an amazing community and progressive one at that when players like you go the extra mile to help the rest so keep up the amazing feedback/Information posts and I hope your enjoying Big Time as much as me.


Glad you liked the post. Yup, I am loving the game so far and very excited for the global launch. Will continue doing what I can to provide value to the Big Time community :slight_smile:


wow the future looks great! hope they bring back credit card payment too so most web2 gamers can play. but i cant wait! :eyes:

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They are try to bring back credit card payment before EA end.

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so much info
love to see community start to grow


Glad you liked it man!

Yup, love seeing the Big Time community growing on the forums as well as Youtube :slight_smile: