Mounts and gameplay

So, I have a little discord group with a few dozen players.

That tweet with the tricertops in watertown still has our discord buzzing.

We are all hopjng for mounts in ruby pass if possible.

Some of the members have ideas for mounts.

If we actually get a triceratops as a mount, allow us to find skins for it that drop in dungeon runs. Everything from changing the color of your tricertops to a skin that changes the dinosaur itself.

We all think mount nft skins would be crazy hype.

Think about how baddass it would be if you can make your triceratops look like it had armor, or if the skin changes the apperance of the mount altogether, like instead of a tricertops you ride a giant wolf, or better yet, a griffen or unicorn.

The biggest thing we want is the ability to take our mounts in dungeons where our abilities are altered.

Allow the gears in our pocket watches to unlock certain abilities, battle abilities, for our mounts.

Think of unstoppable shout for instance, instead of the barbarian doing it, let the mount do it. It would be cool to see the tricertops roar! Then when we activate whirlwind, instead of the barbarian spinning, make the tricertops plow forward like a bulldozer.

Create battle abilites for our mounts that align with the different pocket watches and gears that our characters have.

Another suggestion someone has was, if our mount gets hurt too much, if it takes too much damage, the mount will kick us off and run away or something. After a certain amount of time and after we gain a certian percentage of health back we can press a button to summon our mount back.

If you implement something like this, it doesnt have to be this, but something like the ability to battle with our mount when we earn it somehow in game, it would be cray cray hype.

Also please consider nft skins for the mount as i believe these would be the most sought after nft items in the game.

Who wouldnt want to be seen strolling into town on top of a giant lion… or better yet, a manticor!

Come on! Lfg! Get creative and make this a huge fantasy mmorpg!

Also, since we will be traveling theough time. Open up new skins for different time zones, like instead of an animal or dinosar skin, make futuristic skins available, like tron inspired bikes, star wars themed desert scooters, and hover crafts of all sorts that resemble personal space ships.

Fuck yeah!

Yeah that’s all badass. It would be awesome. Hoorah!!!

The question is: do the BigTime devs even read or listen to this stuff? By all sense and purposes , the answer is no, so….