Much Needed Closure, Apology and Explanation

As the title suggests, this will be my last Big Time Forum post. This is a post to make peace with the community/guild/developers and to get some closure on the series of events that caused me to step away from this project. (Note to VIG guild members at the very bottom)

Let’s get right into the thing I want to clear up and apologize for. I was banned from the forums, muted in Discord and had my moderator status removed for making an aggressive forum post. Before that post, I was trying to help guide the developers down the right path to ensure success in a project I fell in love with until Ruby changed everything. These posts were very matter of fact, mostly itemized lists of changes or fixes the community agreed on. After the Ruby update ruined the game (killed user activity and made the game much less fun) I had started getting a little bit more urgent in my posts, not negative, but trying anything I could to get through to the developers to show them they were making a big mistake in direction by going too hard with item level requirements, messing up the boss rooms, making the dungeons too large etc.

During these forums posts after Ruby started, I was told by a team member that is no longer with Big Time, that the dev team thought I was “Arrogant” and I needed to “Stop”. I brushed it off the first couple of times, because no one has ever called me arrogant in my life. I spent a lot of time playing, talking with players and writing these forum posts to try and help prevent negative changes and be sure these mistakes were fixed and not built on (making them impossible to fix/revert in the future). I have 20+ years of experience building/monetizing mmorpgs so I know mistakes when I see them, especially after confirming them with the community. I figured this is what the forums were for, to give feedback. I didn’t think anything I said was being taken personally or being viewed as “Arrogant” but apparently, they were.

This really hurt me, because instead of a “thank you for the feedback”, I was being called Arrogant? I tried really hard to brush it off, but after the final time of yet again being yelled at for a forum post where I was just trying to help… I finally decided to make an aggressive forum post and show the Big Time team what an “arrogant” forum post looks like. It was intentionally aggressive, and this is what I apologize for. This forum post was a mistake, although I stand by what was said in the forum post, it could have been done in a more constructive way.

I feel like everyone has a breaking point, that was mine, and if I could go back in time and ignore the dumb “Arrogant” comments, and continue to be constructive and push what I know was right for the game, I would. With that out of the way, let me explain why I have decided to step away from the game, give some final constructive advice and wish everyone the best…

I decided to step away from this project because I lost trust. Although there were many things that collectively caused me to lose trust over time, the single biggest thing “the straw that broke the camels back” was the decision to remove sockets and replace them with exits, and then say we had to buy utility mystery boxes for our space to do anything. I could get into details on this and why it was wrong and a huge mistake, but there is no need. That’s what did it for me, and my guess is this is the moment trust was lost from the majority of investors.

In terms of advice moving forward… take a serious look at the changes that were made after Ruby started and consider sucking it up and reverting some of those negative changes. I’m sure you have heard this 1000 times, but the dungeons and boss rooms were close to perfect in Silver/Jade. We have been told those small dungeon sizes and awesome tank bug/clockie/dino boss rooms won’t be coming back… why? I will link the perfect boss room thread again, not that I expect it to be changed as it seems the large dungeons that have killed casual play and daily user activity seem to be set in stone, but I figure I will give it one last try on my way out:

I don’t want to make this thread about what should be done, it looks like progress has been made by removing soul drain and angry enemies, so maybe, just maybe you will make dungeon sizes and boss rooms like they were in silver/jade and then it’s off to the races!

On a business note, although players won’t like this, I always thought you should save upgrades that can’t be considered “pay to win” like upgrading inventory size for an optional monthly membership to support the development of the game. I don’t think banking on the 5% fee for the NFT marketplace is a good idea because at the end of the day the NFT marketplace doesn’t scale. If cosmetics are limited and space is limited, then your transaction volume will always be limited to that fixed supply even if you have a million players, it doesn’t scale. If you have an optional monthly membership that upgrades your account and gives non pay to win things EVERYONE wants with no limits, then you have a scalable business model. Fortnite scales because the cosmetic supply is not limited, Big Time cosmetics/space/utility are limited, what works for them won’t necessarily work for you. There is a reason almost every successful mmorpg offers an optional monthly subscription with account upgrades, and there are only so many non pay to win upgrades you can offer, just keep that in mind.

It’s been one hell of a ride… from loving the game, addicted as hell during Silver/Jade to hating the game, frustrated as hell from Ruby on… It’s all water under the bridge now and I wish everyone the best… players, investors, forum buddies (thanks for the 700 hearts you have all given me over the months I contributed here), devs, owners, good luck and all the best!

PS: Sorry for leaving on short notice VIG, Big Time was causing me stress/anxiety and I had to step away cold turkey. I love and miss all of you and hope to catch up with you all someday in the future! I have left Discord so don’t take offense if I did not reply to a message you sent. I should have sent a guild message but didn’t know what to say until now, sorry about that. I will still make/buy the “I survived Big Time Early Access” t-shirt for anyone in the guild that wants it when Big Time makes it to public release, you will have earned it!



Thanks for everything youve done for our community. Was really nice meeting you. Shame that this has happened,i dont think you were arrogant at all or deserved your mod role removed. We’ll remember you. Bye and i hope you’ll find happiness outside the Big Time community.

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You put so much effort into trying to do well organized propositions, without most of the time receiving any confirmation that you were even read by a team member. I saw it as a disrecptect to you, and every engaged member of the community, I get that they can’t aknowledge every single reaction on the forum, but your posts were always more that just a hot reaction, they were based on research, community feedback, analyses and fact checking. Your posts are the best thing this forum ever saw.

Due to your involvement and the fact you were not only not rewarded for your contribution, but ignored by the team totally I fully empatized whith your last post. They should have take you as an example on how a community members can contribute and get rewarded for that, instead of ignoring and punishing you at the first slip. This have demotivated me to even post the 10s of Bug report videos I made. I guess this whole situation had similiar effect to many other community members.

Sadly it’s still there in the v0.23 … not your fault or many others to voice this problem…

I share some similar feelings, for the very same reasons. I am sad to see you go, but thanksfull for what you did.

I whish you all the best, wherever you will find a place which knows how to leverage you passion and skills at its full potential. Cheers


What a heartfelt, poignant and genuine post. We love you Blazo, thanks for all the work you put in - it all came from a good place. Already messaged you to say we missed you and hope you’re well, but I guess you didn’t get that if you left DC. Good luck in the future and I hope this move puts you in a better place- you deserve it.
My t-shirt is a size ‘M’ by the way. Bye for now, catch-up again at some point with you I’m sure :heart_hands::heart_hands::heart_hands::heart_hands::heart_hands: