My Comprehensive Feedback (Bit of a read!)

Hey guys. I wanted to try and actually provide a bit of constructive feedback after my few weeks playing. My current name is Matt ingame, have played with a fair few of you over these last few weeks. This is going to be quite a read as I’ve broken the game down into several main areas that I had thoughts on. Would love to hear your guys thoughts, and any additions you may have. I will just mention I’m not even going into the NFT/drops/any of that side of things for this, this is purely game based feedback for what I feel will help improve the game side of things. So without further ado:


Too much – we don’t need to have our screen literally covered in 500 drops every dungeon. For starters the game is structured in a way that people want to play as fast as possible. This means there is very little time for running around searching in amongst the loot, and it is often easier to just spam click a couple things as you run past, and hunt in the shops for some good upgrades, especially until you get to the endgame. I would propose a new loot system – end of the boss room, a chest appears for each person. Open the chest, contains 5-7 loot rolls based on the highest level monsters of the dungeon (as it currently is). Much higher chance for uncommon/rare loot from these chests than current mob drops, so a typical chest could have a rare/epic/legendary piece, 1-2 uncommons, and 3-4 commons, a few thousand coins, and maybe 3-4 random potions. This would be a reasonable way to do it as you then don’t have loot spawning all through a dungeon that never gets looked at, other than the odd epic/unique type item from monsters every once in a while. Tidies things up for everyone, adds that sense of suspense at the end of the dungeon, and actually provides an incentive to complete the boss room.

Bags – Upgrades to inventory space are huge. These should not be dropped every second mob. Bags need to be changed to be an end of dungeon ultra rare drop on a par with NFTs for rarity. It’s actually ridiculous seeing 3 epic bags drop through the team from one mob in level 50+ dungeons considering they give more utility than anything else in the game.

Watches – Exact same as bags. These should be rare drops that get you excited when you see them. Remove the non stop junky drops of these, make the rare drops rarer. For a game that is meant to be providing a long experience I should not be picking up an endgame legendary pocket watch every day or two.

Encoded loot – There is no real point to the encoding of loot, I can understand that it was introduced as a gold sink but it just makes things a lot more difficult for beginner players which is not something you want in a f2p game. The gold sinks are not required at the early levels – at this point in time you are spending everything you earn hunting for upgrades in shops. If you wanted to add some form of loot related spending to an ingame economy you have to target the group of players who have the ingame currency excess, and that is the endgame players. Make epic and legendary items T6 come encoded, and make the cost to unencode them something like 50-100k. I am sure that as the game goes on we will have things like cost related stat rerolls added to the game and currency being spent won’t be an issue anyway, but if you want a short term fix to keep everyone happy, change this update to not be a nuisance, and to target the people that have too much money, not everyone.



Gold – I personally don’t actually think there is too much wrong with the economy currently – I mean we are in alpha, so it is obviously a very basic of economy of drops are received, drops are sold, gold is spent buying either other peoples drops, or potions/boosts of some kind. Pretty simple economy and I am sure there are lots of things planned for it anyway. Couple of small QoL suggestions for it would be vendors stocking some consumables in larger quantities (speed pots, summon party pots, etc), can be a bit of a pain buying 100 pots 1 at a time. But other than that not too much to say on the economy at this stage of the game.


Stopwatch system

I actually really like the system. I do think there should be some way to transfer over a percentage of the experience from your current stopwatch though. Especially endgame when you get into the level 40s this can be literally weeks worth of experience and progression lost, and you also lose the ability to run dungeons with friends and teams you may have formed until you can get back to a decent level which is potentially even more important. Perhaps offering a gold based (or in the future consumable NFT based) method of transferring a percentage of your experience over should be explored here.

Gear Progression

At the moment gear progression does not feel amazing, but again I have a feeling this is more to do with the game being alpha rather than a full release. I would expect on full release to see some of the more traditional methods of gear progression explored in the game, stat rerolling, stat transfers, equipment merging, that sort of thing. Currently the best method to get gear is to literally earn some money then hop servers and hunt through the vendroids until you reach near endgame gear. Not exactly the most fun system, and it takes a lot of the thrill of monster drops out of it.

Skill Tree Progression

The skill trees definitely need a lot of polishing, currently there are a lot of bugs with things like doubled up abilities, abilities not giving correct values, that sort of thing. I do think a lot of the abilities are there, but I feel as though we should have the skill trees separated out a bit into combat abilities on one side, and passive bonuses on another. There are so many cool bonuses that people will never get to use and see because it makes so much more sense to just max 3 or 4 different things due to how most abilities get bonuses at level 10. Personally I would rework the system to something like each level up offers 2 stat points, 1 skill point, 1 passive point. All the passive abilities could then we grouped as one, all the skills grouped together. Would make it far more interesting to try and build a class on – do you try to max stat boosts, cooldown, speed, etc? Again, especially as we continue to build the game and new abilities are added it will end up being very limiting to have one point to spend on everything we have per level.

Stat Progression

Stat progression is actually a bit boring – most classes end up being worth just putting every point you get in one stat. That’s not a very exciting way to play a game. A lot of this is due to the current cheeky bug of resetting your class and respecing in order to equip anything you want, but I think that offering something like bonus unlocks on different milestones could go a long way towards encouraging people to be a bit more diverse with their skill points.



Party system

The current party system is a bit of a shambles. Yes, it works to make a party, but other than that it isn’t great. We need to have the ability to transfer leadership. We need the ability to delegate other members to be able to invite. We need the ability to kick people during dungeons (party vote system). The ability to add people from anywhere on the map. There are all sorts of things that should be added here, can basically look at any of the popular MMOs to get a list of what needs to be changed.

Friends/Block list

Again, relatively obvious. We need to have a list of friends, and a list of blocked players who we cannot be paired up with or see messages from. Standard for any MMO, and will also definitely be required being a F2P game where there will most likely be advert bots all over the place.

Dungeon Grouping

This is probably one of the most needed things currently. I have heard so many people saying how much of a pain it is to try and find a team, and when almost everything in the game is based around larger teams providing a better experience, this becomes a necessity. I would recommend some sort of very basic grouping system at the start whereby people click a menu, are presented with a few options of level ranges of dungeons they would like to do (I.E 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50), and they can then tick a box beside any they would be happy with. An example of this would be a level 30 might click the boxes beside 21-30, 31-40, 41-50. They then get paired with 5 other people where everyone has at least one level range preference in common. If people are finding they are getting trolled by too many low levels (I.E level 1s ticking level 50 dungeons) then a solution could be to look at putting caps of how high a dungeon you can tick based on your level. Lots of options here, but something needs to be done.

Ingame Messaging

Again, just a follow on from the friends list but some sort of private messaging system is needed.



Minimap – Self explanatory. Should have been there from day one really. We also really should have access to a world map, even if it is rather small at the moment. Makes it a lot easier to explain things to newer players.

Action bars – Plain and simply we need either more action bars, or dedicated additional bars for things like potions, tree of lifes, etc. Most people by the time they reach level 10-15 have filled up an action bar. This is a bit ridiculous as it means you are then reduced to either not learning new abilities, or sacrificing things like summon party potions or tree of lifes. A keybind customiseable additional action bar should be added.

Loot screens – So I have seen several people complaining about this and I agree, but the current method of walking over an item which brings up the picture of that item is a complete pain in the butt sometimes. As mentioned several times, there is a rather large amount of loot seen throughout the game currently. It can be a nightmare trying to aim at bosses and every second step you get a nice little pop up in front of you of the new magical level 11 helmet you can pick up. On the plus side, this is an easy fix – add a menu option to disable these popups and make them appear on holding ctrl, or something like that. Or better still, go with the option of removing all the loot as talked about above.

Encoded Gear – This is more of a display issue, but it is a real pain at the moment to try and distinguish between the different types of equipment on the ground, specifically around pocketwatch gears due to the ultra dull colouring with everything encoded. Maybe just get someone to take a look at how these can be brightened up?

Those never ending beams of light from gear/watch drops – I don’t know who’s idea this was, but cmon. Do we really need a randomly coloured beam of light into the sky on a junk level 11 gear? Remove these. Add these beam of lights for epic/legendary drops. If you really want to keep the glowing light around the gears/watches, then at least just change it to be a consistent colour that identifies which class it is for.



Wearing requirements

Currently most pieces of equipment have requirements of 3-4 stats at different levels. All well and good, except that those stats don’t stay at those levels once you have the gear on. This should be changed. The gear itself needs to have these requirements a bit more well thought out (Do chronomancers really need to have a 45 strength requirement on things? Do Time Warriors need a 40 intelligence requirement?). I think a much more simple way of doing it would be each class maybe needing two stats for their gear, and the stats required being related to the gears tier rather than just arbitrary numbers. For example, Chrono T4 gear might require 50 Int, 30 Dex. Time Warrior 40 Str, 40 Vit. Ninja, 40 Str, 40 Agil. This sort of thing so that people have clear goals of where their stats need to be to wear each tier of item. The current system is really just a bit of a joke, you can get most level 1 accounts to wearing level 50+ items which a bit of cheeky swapping round (Level 5 amulet with 10 int lets me equip level 40 amulet with 30 int 30 dex, lets me equip a belt with 40 str, lets me equip every item I want)

Ability to upgrade

This is something that I think will be added in the future eventually anyway, but it would be worth looking into the ability to upgrade items. Now this is a hugely broad term, but I am mainly meaning that if you find say, a level 40 pair of legs you love (I.E has the stats you want on it), there could be some way to turn those into a level 50 pair of legs. Whether this is by consuming a level 50 pair of legs combined with something else (More NFT consumeables?) or some other form, I don’t know, but this sort of function in a game is normally a great way to add sinks of some kind in.

Usefulness of higher rarities

Currently higher rarity items roll more abilities, not necessarily higher, just more from what I have seen. This very rarely translates over to the equipment being more useful as most classes only really make use of a couple of the stats on these pieces of equipment. I think it would be beneficial if the higher rarity items either had different modifiers (I.E you can currently get a “brawny” trait that might offer 38-40 STR. Give Epic and above items the ability to roll a “Strongman” trait that rolls 48-50 STR instead), or just a method of rolling decently higher base stats.

Usefulness of Uniques

Same as the higher rarities, most uniques I have seen are pretty useless (Except for those damn legs). A big part of this is that there are much more powerful forms of most of the abilities these items give, whilst also the actual items themselves are generally quite low tier. I think this could quite easily be solved by changing the unique items to be an “Enchantment/Rune” of some kind which could be attached to a weapon or armour instead giving it the ability. This would help to add to the uniqueness of items ingame and also provide a nice avenue for future upgrades.




Anyone who has run more than one dungeon can tell you there are a lot of bugs with combat, and just general mechanics for the game at the moment. I haven’t seen anything game breaking, but the amount of little frustrations every dungeon really adds up. Things like double tap movements not working sometimes, the cancellation of so so many abilities that then get put on cooldown without use, the terrain based aiming system, (mouse cursor can jump if it moves over a ledge when aiming), all just small things that when added together make combat feel very very clunky. A lot of optimisation required here.

Dungeons – Already been mentioned a million times, but the dungeons right now are rather boring. A lot of this boils down to the missions – “Collect 4 flowers from the same location every dungeon. Spawn 5 Fauna that people are still only about 65% sure how to do. Kill 5 bosses that sometimes won’t even all spawn”. And that’s about it. There are a couple of others that for some reason only appear in the hive dungeons, but those are your main ones. I would love to see things that involve a bit of coordination (I.E 6 levers through a dungeon to all be pressed within 10 seconds of each other). Collection challenges to actually hunt for things that can be a bit more hidden. More time based challenges (“Oh no, the queen has released her army into the room and we are trapped! Survive for the next 2 minutes to open the next barrier!!”). Could literally think of probably 30-40 different fun small challenges that could very easily be implemented to spice dungeons up and make for a more fun and varied experience rather than 5-6 min run throughs of the same 2 missions every time.

Boss Rooms – Now I won’t be too harsh here as I do understand this is Alpha, but we will need to get some proper bosses eventually. Again, I know that this will almost 100% be in the works, but these sorts of games thrive on working out different boss mechanics and working as a team to beat them. Currently almost every single boss room in the game can just be grouped up and killed in a couple of minutes with immortality abilities and AOE damage. Definitely need to look into some good boss design mechanics, phases, that sort of thing.

Overworld – Now again, I don’t want to go too much into it here as this is just alpha and I assume a lot is planned, but currently the overworld basically serves the purpose of being a glorified waiting and matchmaking lobby. I expect that down the road we will see this expand a lot and hopefully involve some gathering and exploring functionality. Would also love to see the odd overworld event happen (“Attention all players! The mega T Rex 5000 has broken out of a time tear and is rampaging through the icy wastes!! Everyone needs to get there immediately and help to take it down for a chance at the Dino Armour Mystery Box NFT!!”).


Reserved just in case.

Might just add this to close out. I have quite enjoyed the game so far. It is definitely still in Alpha, and at the moment very obviously feels like a combat Alpha of a game to test interactions of items, monsters, and players rather than a fully fledged game, hence why I have really tried not to go too in depth on expanding the game. Regardless, I’ve overall enjoyed the experience of playing, I do feel as though the prices for the passes were a bit steep considering the gameplay on offer and that an army of several thousand is a great way to test a game out anyway without them paying millions of dollars (total), but hey, that’s a topic for another day.

Cheers for reading everyone, if you got this far then 10 points to you!


Big Time Team needs to read this. Best feedback thread I have seen so far.



I love this Idea really good Impute I was thinking the same thing about the loot being to messy and cluttered the screen so most often I just ran past picking up random stuff or the highest rarity items but most often it was mindless looting to resell for gold. Like you said adding a chest at the end of the dungeon(After boss room) Would add excitement to finishing the dungeon other then NFTs but if this were the case I would suggest maybe making the timer for exiting the dungeon instead of 1:30 to 3 minutes.

As I agree with you that the bags give more Utility then most I think the portal potions are just as good in utility lol but I do agree that bags dropping so often should not be the case now as for how rare they should be I do not think they should be on par with NFT’s on rarity scale I think a moderate reduction from the point they are would work.
I would also like to bring up another issue with the bags/Inventory the inventory feels terrible when you scroll down to see everything in your bags and having to organize your inventory dragging an item from the top to the bottom while scrolling sucks you should be able to see the entire inventory at once.

All I can really say for this is 200% agree point blank.

There is a really good thread about this discussing about if there was a better solution.

Agreed so far I think its good they have a plan and they are sticking to it I trust the Big Time team since they are putting so much time into perfecting this specific topic.

I love this idea but maybe instead using gold/NFTs it could cost Gold/TOKEN(SAND?) instead there for adding a use for the token and it would be (Cheaper) to use sand but it could cost a certain amount of gold based on how much u want to transfer so 100% would be like 1m but 25% of the xp would cost idk like 100k gold the specifics could be hashed out by the Big Time team but you get the idea. Really good suggestion you are on fire!!!

Agreed doesn’t feel amazing but I think that’s due to alpha stage of the game but also like you said hopefully on full release they have a compressive system of upgrading, Stat rerolling, Stat transfers and equipment merging would all be good integrations into the gameplay in my opinion.

I agree the abilities really do feel like they are there for the most part but as you said separate the skill tree into two different sides between Utility | Combat the way the ability just line up side by side and you eventually end up with a slider on the bottom just feels and looks weird.

Yeah I also noticed that it felt really boring I play a shadowblade-shaped charge and I have mostly tier 5 and 6 gear I think I need 16 points into other stats like Strength,Wisdom to wear it on a level one I do not think this was intended so increases the stat requirement for items and like you said give a boost to certain milestones like extra attack dmg when you reach 10 strength 20,30 and so on and the same for the others so it incentivizes diverse stat distribution currently I dump everything but those 16 into Int to scale my dmg In shaped charge.

Simply Yes yes yes and um yes do I need to say it again ?

Yeah A friends list is Required for any F2P but Im sure this is in the works.

The Big Time team has said making a party finder is one of there top priority’s so in time we will see what they have in store for us I am excited about the future.

Agreed 1000000% times over like you said either add more action bars or add a dedicated action bar for the things like potions and trees, etc. It just feels really bad to be limited to so little key binds when there are so many cool ability and potions that are in the game to use.

As I agree with this a bit I would like to add that the fire blast ability/Unique has been really fun to use as a shadowblade with Oil trap I use it to set off the fire tick so it has a really neat nesh use but as you said most Unique’s are very lack luster.

As you said I have not seen anything game breaking so far but the little annoying problems add up especially the ability going on cooldown without use of the ability and the mouse cursor jumping, ect. All of this stuff really makes the combat feel clunky and takes away from the smooth fun gameplay behind it.

Agreed the dungeons could be a lot more interactive and engaging quests need to be revamped because the same mission every time in the same dungeons over and over again gets really boring really fast but there is a lot they could do.

Im sure they have more in the works but I agree. I was talking with friends about this subject and about how if mecha che was like 5x in size and 5x in heath bar and his ability’s where tweaked a bit he could be a really good boss and honestly the same with the clockies but if I am thinking of that I am sure the Big Time team has some super cool stuff for us in store just in due time.

Wonderful post man amazing feedback I really enjoyed the read people like you are the flesh and bones of the community so good on you man keep up the amazing work! Thank you for the post.


really good feedback! exactly what i think. big time team should see this.


Here is my comprehensive feedback to your post Matty. Only commenting if I have something more to add, otherwise you said it perfectly.

Encrypted Loot: As Sneaky said we have a wonderful thread on this with lots of great solutions: This is of the utmost importance to fix and get right.

Pocket Watch System: YES, there really should be a premium feature that allows us to transfer xp/levels from one pocket watch of the same class to the other. I like the idea of a vendor that does this for Big Time Tokens that scales up depending on how much XP/Levels we want to transfer over. This can be expensive… What is 4 Weeks of time worth to you? To me, it’s worth a lot! I really don’t want to keep restarting the same class over and over… No thank you.

Skill Tree Progression: I think this needs to be polished a bit, but I am ok with how it works currently. In depth threads on each class skills with suggestions like LowProfile did with the Quantum Fixer would go a long way here.

Stat Progression: They sort of solved this a bit with increasing the base stats needed for certain items, but this could be improved on for sure. Higher Tier items may still need base stats increased. Low levels should not be able to easily equip T5 and T6 items.

Party System: That is top 10 priority for the team, and a proper party matching system is coming! Super important!

Ingame Messaging: Yes, this is needed but also, basic chat bubbles when you talk in the zone chat would go a long way to letting players communicate with each other when you are standing right in front of someone. Not everyone is on the zone chat tab, chat bubbles solve this.

Beams of Light: Put the glow that is on the Unique items on all the other rarities Rare and Above so we don’t miss them. If pocket watches and gears were more rare the never ending beam wouldn’t be as annoying. Maybe tone that down or use a different beam depending on if it’s a pocket watch or a gear so we know without checking each one.

Item Reqs: Yes, level 10 should not be able to wear T5/T6 gear, it is silly to see a level 10 Time Warrior with 2x the health as I have at level 40.

Boss Rooms + Overworld: Yes, Rare Bosses in Boss Rooms that are hard, unique models, with unique mechanicals that give challenge to a team of 6 would be amazing. Also, Rare Boss Spawns in the game world exactly as you said would be amazing. These are both a must in my opinion.

This post is well worth the full read, especially by every Big Time Developer. Matty, instant respect/props for this thread!



Big time should hire you

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