My game crashed and when i logged in, my rank reset back to zero

My game crashed while inside the dungeon, then when i logged in, my rank reset, and everything is red

[Singapore server - echo getaway)

[Incursion level 51]
icy castle area

I entered a Incursion dungeon then the game the game crashed. When i came back, my account looked like it was having a display bug or just loading slowly but I entered the dungeon. But then i ranked up continuously inside the dungeon as my party killed mobs. And now my rank hasn’t reset :frowning:

I was rank 49, but now i’m back to zero, my pocket watch is red due to the rank requirement. But my equipment still useable like weapon.

How do I fix this

go ahead (if you havent already) and file a report with Bigtime support on our webpage

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Hey im sorry! I completely forgot to comment, but yeah, I got your info all logged in, so just follow the link Turtleboy sent! :slight_smile: