My most Persistent Bug Issue in June 2022

When starting to play, I spawn in Water Town or my last location, and my bags are not visible nor accessible when going to the Inventory. In place of the bag, I see a double-bladed Ax picture. When this happens, I have learned that I cannot interact with vendroids and I cannot enter a time tear portal. Return to Lobby does not work. I must exit the game as I cannot play.

This happens every day for the last few weeks. Sometimes it clears up after a few restarts, sometimes I just cannot play that day. I give up after about an hour of trying and maybe 20 or so restart attempts.

My solution so far is to exit game, close the app, relaunch the app, sometimes reboot my computer. But that is not really a solution. Seems random. Sometimes it clears up after a couple of restarts and I can play for a while before it happens again. Sometimes it just will not clear up and I can’t play.

If it happens when I am with a Group, I may not notice the bag access issue right away, but when the group enters the time tear portal, I just get a little “poof” and not the loading screen waiting for server to go into the portal. I have to exit the game, reload and sometimes can enter the portal and catch up to the group after a try or two. Sometimes it takes too long and the portal is gone. It can clear up in a single retry, but usually not.

Sometimes when completing a dungeon with a group, everthing was fine until I come out of the adventure and then my bags are not accessible and same issue. I have to hard restart until it clears up.

I hope this makes sense to you (Devs) and you can offer a solution.

The second most occurring issue I have had in the last few weeks is the game freezing after I use the Chat window. It happens inside adventures, outside just in the Time’s End environment, without any consistent pattern that I have noticed. Anytime I use the chat window, which is anytime I am interacting with a group, I risk freezing up. The only solution is to hard restart (exit game and start from scratch) and hope the issue described in the post above does not send me into multiple restarts or having to give up playing for the day.

I have noticed numerous comments about freezing up when using the chat box. This may be widespread.

Is there any other info I could provide to help get this issue resolved?


Hi I had the same problem the chat freezing the axes instead of the pockets and the impossibility of playing games with others and the last step lost the pockets the gears my helmet and shoulder armor
I connect and I can’t change pocketwatch I can’t do anything for more than a week I sent a ticket without answer I’m really worried more than 10 pocket watch team and lvl 20
I think my account is too heavy to track entries and exits I hope this problem will be resolved quickly thank you

The last update, 2 or 3 days ago, really fixed most of my issues described above. Support also recommended I move most of the NFTs out of the in game inventory. One or both of these cleared up my issues, that made June a tough month to play the game for me. Looking much better now!

Thanks Big TIme!