My point on latest ruby patch good job devs :)

I just want to give a big shout out to the devs in this game, what an amazing job you guys have done with the patch for when ruby joined. I was hoping that you guys would maybe fix the stairs in icy, and a few minor things. But man what a surprise. A whole new dungeon, which is AMAZING. And one of the coolest dungeons ive ever played.

And what a good job also done, with the new quests, where you force speedrunners to start playing the game, to get to the bossrooms.

Sure there is some bugs in the game, as the invisible walls in wastelands dungeons, mobs falling down from the edges in the new dungeon etc etc, but overall, i have never been more excited about this game than i am now.

One thing i would suggest though, we need the tankbugs and clockys back in the dungeons, doing the same mission with 5 marked targets with the same 2 type of mobs every single time is a killer :slight_smile: and also, there is waaaaaaaay toooo many marked targets in those dungeons, where you only need to kill 5, which makes it very hard to not finish the mission fast :slight_smile:

Last but not least, also a big shout out to Buck, our new community manager of bigtime. man this guy has been a blessing to the game. Always kind and helpful and clearly knows what he is doing.

Keep up the amazing work, and this game will go BIG!!!


Thanks TC! The love is appreciated.