Mystery box doesn't drop

Michael said they are still dropping, but he also said that if you have been playing a really long time the game you can give up on your mystery box. So probably only new players or players that don’t spend a lot of time in-game are dropping it now.
Michael also told me that Mystery Box brought so many issues into the game that they are not working on it anymore.

I have to say that BT communication on that BUG / FIASCO (let’s name it what it is) is really bad.

@BT what is your reason to prepare and tease players with 3500 boxes for each pass period while giving just a part of it?

Those boxes should be a reward to people that play the game!!!


so are we saying now that box is not guaranteed ? I am a gold pass holder with 3 passes still have nothing better then rare Nft no space got the silver box on one. Played hours and hours on the other. Initially it was posted on discord that need to play for certain hours for gold certain hours for silver. Gold was no issue got both. But silver 50 plus hours and nothing? Clarify please?

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If you have played over 20 hours and have not got a Mystery Box, I don’t think you will get one. I think it has a chance to drop for your first X hours of play time after they fixed the drops, but the truth is, if you have played 50 hours and have not got one, I don’t think you will get one. It’s a pretty confusing “bonus item”, and yes at first they said everyone would get one if they played a certain amount of hours and then that was walked back.

Point is this, if you got one, you are lucky. If you have not got one yet, chances are you will not get one.

Just have to accept it and move on. One thing we can be sure is that the team learned from this and it won’t happen again.


@Blazo I believe that what you say is correct!!
However nobody should give up just yet at least until silver period is on.

@BT you have created a platform to manage and handle players feedbacks. Will you ignore the most discussed topic of your new platform?

They have plans to get some people in here to reply and moderate. They are in a transition phase, we have been assured they the posts, especially the ones with the most views and comments. We just have to be a little more patient before we get some official replies to our threads in here.

I can say with confidence that Mystery Boxes are still dropping, but if you have not got one yet, chances are you won’t get one. They know the roll out of mystery boxes was a mess, and they have moved on from it as far as I can tell. I am sure they learned a lesson from this and it won’t happen again.

I think we honestly just have to move on from this as well. If we got one great, if not, stinks but it is what it is. I did not get one either, so I feel you!


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thanks for the reply

I really wonder why mystery box drops so easily after the previous patch, if you belong to the group of players who play after the patch (1st day of patch) and you ddnt get mystery box on the same day. we will be having a hard time or never getting that mystery box. If you factor the drop rate during the first day of patch, you can easily tell that the drop rate is high. How come the day after the patch, the drop rate went so low low low low low low. There must be something wrong.

I think the supply they wanted to drop pretty much got out after the first couple days or whatever it was. Look, it sucks, but we aren’t getting Mystery boxes and we need to move on. I don’t know what else to say. They handled this in the worst way possible really, and I hope they learned a valuable lesson moving forward.


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I think you miss my point. Im talking about HIGH DROP RATE/CHANCE of mysterybox during the first day of the patch. Im talking about how ez it is for it to drop. Supply should have not last until now if it has the same DROP RATE/CHANCE after the patch.

Example Legendary NFTS or SPACE, they got Limited supply but it doesnt mean it will drop more during the first day of EAL.

And Michael still confirmed its still dropping until now so there is still a supply of mysterybox

I got your point. it sucks we did not get one, but there is nothing we can do. If you didn’t get one after your first 8-10 hours of gameplay after they “fixed” them, I think you won’t get one. That’s just the reality of the situation and nothing can be done about it so we need to move on and accept we will not get one despite thinking we would.


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yeah you are right! Been grinding harder right now for NFTS. 2-3 more days to go. lets try our luck during jade for the mystery box.

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I agree with you that if you didn’t drop it after 8-10h of play after the last patch you will just not get it anymore.

However, BT created this forum for players to provide feedbacks. We have been told that if the forum post is well constructed and discussed with reasonable arguments, they will have to bring it up to dev team for actions.
There are still a little 48h before Jade ( and us losing any remaining hope ) and the players are the voice to bring change to this game.
Michael said during the last evening ( in front of many other players ) that the box is still dropping and we are ALL able to drop it still ( i personally think it is not true and just a way to let the time pass until we really can’t loot it anymore )

Please gold / silver players, let them know your situation too.

@BT, here is a suggestion for you to handle the rest of the box: Announce to the community in a transparent ( not private chat ) what you are going to do with it. Giveaway? Reward for an event? Etc.


I think its still dropping but its for those players that ddnt play after the patch.

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I got mine on the first day after the update.

But I get that some are upset, as this medium article expose the 3500 boxes as the total issuance, not the max supply.

And because the number of player is less the total issuance 3443/3500 it feel normal to me to assume that everyone who have played on silver should have its box already.

This also happened during gold, and I think the team handled a few case of Gold pass holder not getting their Time Warden Box manually, they might just do the same kind of thing with this box.

let’s see…


How did you know that how many has dropped already.
The serial number doesn’t represent it.

Damn, that’s some good stat you got there :slight_smile: thanks for posting something like that <3

you are a good person

Armory Mystery Boxes are confirmed to be dropping again after the Patch. We just had a group member get one! Good luck everyone.


did he play during the day of the last patch?

The last patch was yesterday