Mystery box Sale incoming

I was hoping that all NFS’s only drops from playing the game, not that Big Time Team sells them when they need to buy a new Lambo.
So this is how the game will be?
When the Team needs money they

  1. Create and sell a cool looking mounts Sale

  2. Do another Space Sale

  3. Release some more mystery boxes Sale

  4. Want to customize your character Sale

  5. Create blueprints for crafting Sale

  6. Etc.

Why not relase all mystery boxes as loot for your alpha testers?
I’m was hoping for a game where everything is dropped and is a reward for playing the game not a game where you buy stuff from game developers


This was announced from the beginning they were going to drop in game and be purchasable so no change from original announcements

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I would love a game where the Devs work free but for now I will continue to play Bigtime. I understand their future sales, it needs to happen to support the game. More NFT sales was a given, it is a crypto game, they didn’t make OPENLOOT for nothing, it was expected and shouldn’t be a surprise. As long as they keep the NFTs from making it a P2WIN, it will be fine

What are you talking about? You dont know how Openloot works? For every sold NFT they take 5% profit
They dont need to work for free, just make a great game with millions of players = Profit

They have 2 options

I am afraid they Keep doing these stupid sales instead of doing something cool and rewarding for the player and make every NFT a in game drop from


-Achievement reward


I think they showed me wich direction they are going to take.
I look in my crystal ball and see a Weekly:


NEW hairstyle SALE

NEW fucking bullshit SALE


once again this was announced a long time ago… shouldn’t be shocking if it is you didn’t do the DD

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I imagine you enter the game knowing this. And if you didn’t, it’s because you didn’t get enough information.
They can’t give away everything and they don’t have to sell everything either. The sales of spaces were necessary, the sale of timekeepers and forges, is also necessary.
The idea of ​​an nft game is that you make nft sales and then the economy is maintained, you can’t give away timekeepers and forges that are very important to people who haven’t invested anything in the game, lol.