Mystery boxes Silver player half rant half question

Few times I almost asked Bucky but then I said to myself there is enough time passed from SIlver EAL and especially from the Gold one to ask people from those two EALs did they got Mystery Boxes or not and does Big Time team plans somehow to fix that problem since I know that it was planned for everyone in those EALs to get 3 or 2 mystery boxes depending are they Gold or Silver EAL, some people got all some one some like me none, zero, nada…

That theory that box is bound to the pass is not correct since my friend who played as a Silver pass holder trough Silver and Jade got his Jade Mystery Box on the last day of the Jade EAL when by some glitch his rank was erased from like 52 to 0 and then he made rank 20 in about 3 hours and got his box, otherwise he would not get the Jade box at all, so it was more RNG then anything I suppose

Problem that emerged that Medium article that was out in the middle of the gold EAL period was misleading stating that all participants of Gold and Silver EAL will get their Mystery Box after some time some of that text was changed a bit

My question is there some plan to give those boxes that we did not get to the pass holders or at least when sale will be on to get the chance to buy them at some discount or this was one of those things that if you are lucky you will get it but if not all that you can do is buy them on market place?

One Big Time team member which I wont name said during the Silver EAL like this “if you hit certain conditions you will get it, if you did not you wont, end of the story” , then two days later he had different statement that they are still dropping and that all we have to do is to play :slight_smile:

Giving the fact that there was only 500 gold passes redeemed and then probably max 1200 of Silver ones, those 3500 supply will probably mean that majority of boxes will be shared trough some events when game goes live or before it goes live or maybe Big Time wants to sell those on its marketplace?

For me personally that was so far the only real disappointment with this EAL period and I am strongly supporting and believe in this project plus the community in our guild and outside of it is very supportive