Need a Tether or Grapple Ability

Problem you’re trying to solve
I’m sure everyone is familiar with chasing a clockie cannoneer around the map for 10-15 minutes trying to just hit that little turd once. If you are by yourself you could potentially chase that one enemy around for an hour and still not be able to hit him.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
This makes me want to just leave the dungeon and go take a walk.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Time Warriors should have a grapple ability that can snag onto an enemy and pull it in while stunning it long enough to get one or two whacks in. Shadowblade has the oil trap, Chronomancer has range, but Time Warrior has nothing for this.


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I think the better idea is to rework the mobs so they stop doing this… however … if the devs don’t to that,… then yes this is a good secondary idea!