Need some cool skills for Shadow and New Tank Bug

I have some ideas which might make Shadow has better skills as Ninja class.

First one is Transfiguration to The Frog enemy. This is one of famous skill for Ninja.

Second one is Clone skill. Might be know as Kagebunshin no jyutsu.

The last one is Shuriken Rain like warrior Arrow skill. Shadow’s shuriken skills are kind of useless. So make it effective.

Also for New Tank Bug which I thought it will attack us like this below.

What do you think?
I hope Devs will add such skills to Shadow as Real Ninja.


Cool ideas you have. Love it!

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I love these shadow blade ideas they fit really nicely into the skills that are already in the game and would give a huge buff to AOE with the shuriken rain. Depending on how shadow clones works that would be really cool to maybe it confuses the enemy’s and the shadows copy one ability then disappear that ability can be random from the ones u have or maybe it has set ability’s.
I was also discussing with @Morkai about the back stab ability teleporting you behind your selected target then teleporting you back to your previous position or leaving you behind the enemy you choose to use back stab on but that would solve the reregistration issues of the back stab also solves how the enemies spazz around making it difficult to use the abilities that require you to behind an enemy.


Love these designs and ideas, ill pass this idea along to buck! keep up the good work :smiley:


I’d also like to see the above abilities!

maybe shadow blade could have a poison cloud ability that remains and any enemy that walks through it becomes poised over time for a short period of time. There isn’t really a dot class and this could be it.

Maybe they could spit fire in a cone infront of them ?

Maybe they could have a shadow ability that locks them in place but gives them temporary control over the target. Higher lvl target shorter control time. Like shikamaru from naruto


Ideally I just want the shadow blade to feel truely unique in its play style. This will help future proof it from being tossed aside should we get another hunter / ranger style class.

Great ideas all!



I love these Idea’s Morkai especially the poison cloud that would be a really interesting ability and an alternative rout for the shadow blade. Bleeds and dmg over time effects like poison cloud would really spouse up the interactive gameplay of the class. I also like the idea of ability’s that have elemental effects to them so just like your idea of (Spitting fire) is what I am choosing to call the ability

There could be Lighting slash that stuns the enemy for a duration when you preform your next attack so it could be used with vorpal edge and backstab to combine ability’s into a stronger attack.


Agreed! That tank bug should be a boss (an actual boss that spawns when you kill all the targets) and it’s mechanic should be to shoot missiles out of it’s back at the group in a red circle they need to get out of. Just like you drew up, that’s what we all thought it was going to be when we saw it!