Need to Understand


I am a little unpleasantly surprised and I would like to express my situation. My goal is not to complain but to understand .
Since the release of the Silver pass, with my group we play about 10-15 hours a day, so we are around 30-40 or even 50 hours of play for some crazy people :).
The only NFTs we got are all when we were at the beginning of the game between level 1 and 15, for more than two days we can’t get anything, strange.
It’s extremely frustrating, we say to ourselves “Go only do low level characters” but we also want to advance in the game and not stupidly farm small dungeons…
We have information drop by drop from some developers who tell us:
Do challenging dungeons : 0 Loot in two days
Do dungeons with characters of the same level
In the dungeons if you do not kill enough monsters your drop rate decreases : 0 Loot today by clearing all the monsters
In dungeons if you die your drop rate decreases
Some dungeons are a different color, some have items flying above them (Crane, etc…), what are their meanings?
And so on …
We need to understand what to do, we have invested a certain amount of money because you are trusted, we spend a lot of time in your game.
So we need to understand because the frustration is growing, I think you can see it in the last messages.
Please communicate .

Have a good day


Are you a Gold pass account?

Our gold pass group has tried everything you listed above, and we experienced the exact same thing during this Silver EAL. Only a few NFT drops in the past 3 days of playing in a party of 5-6.

The drop rate has decreased, you do realise this is a good thing for NFT holders, now the NFTs we have already farmed will start to go up in value as they are harder to find in the game.

I agree my drop rate has gone from 10+ a day to 2-3 a day.
It will be even worse when the next pass starts it will probly go to 2-3 a week, and this will be great for nft prices.

If they arnt rare they are worthless! we played the golden age of nft drops in this game and now everyone is crying. The gold players will be the best positioned out of anyone if they dont sell all their NFTs at the bottom!

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Hey Base this is onhk
I totally agree with you and I am very happy that the drop rate is reduced. What I am not happy is many gold players did experience NFTs now unfairly allocated to silver players. In other words, gold pass players drop rate has been reduced to Mega but Silver Pass players are insane. Devs keep saying there is no problem which makes me disappointed
Drop rate should be fair for everyone no matter what pass they hold.


I would be disapointed to hear this is the case

more information is all we need, just some stats, whats dropping who is getting them gold or silver, how many nfts remain etc. and if we are all on an even playing ground then the numbers will reflect this

I have the same experience with u guys.

How are you getting 2-3 a day? Damn. I wish. In groups of 5-6, no one in our group is getting a single drop for 2 days now lol.

I understand the devs perspective that we are “meant to explore the game on our own.” However, this has gone too far. This is a pre-alpha locked behind an extremely expensive pay wall, and it is very ambiguous how we are meant to play the game for optimal loot. In any game I’ve ever played, especially MMOs, it was very clear what needed to be done in order to get the best loot.

The type of RNG they are using which clearly factors in multiple variables for a drop rate calculation is also vastly different from any MMO i’ve played. Usually its a flat drop rate but seems like they are doing something different in order to control the amount of NFTs in supply. Either way, we only have a very limited time to “figure this out,” by the time we theory craft the best strat EAL will be over. I just think it’s very unfair, not sure why this needs to be so complicated.

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Where lol?!
Ima silver pass, grinding 14hrs a day… Send n only 2UC nfts at the first day and that’s it… Where’s the insane mega drops lol?

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