Need way to assign skill tree ability to keyboard directly

Although you can drag and drop a skill (ex: heal beam) from key 1 to key 3, I see no way to to directly assign a skill to a keypress. For example, maybe I want a 1-2 skill combo that I want to literally assign to 1 & 2, not seeing any way to do that. Maybe I’m missing something though?

What exactly are you trying to do?

You can go to the ability tab and drag your skills to all the #s you want unless you meant you wanted a macro to cast 2 abilities.

Thanks for reply. Trying to map, for example “Heal Beam” to number 3. It is not listed in inventory to drag or drop. So, when I go to “Skill Tree” where all abilities ARE listed the key mappings aren’t there to drag to. When I’m on “inventory” tab where key mappings are present, there are no abilities to drag or drop. I must be missing something. Is it possible to assign, for example, heal beam to key #3 IF heal beam is not already assigned to a key?

Awesome! BUT my char is rendered useless because heal beam is a PRIMARY skill for healer and I can’t hot key it. I think this needs tech support (?)

Hey no worries when you press tab look right above your inventory it says abilities if you click that tab it shows all of your abilities that will allow u to click drag any one you want to the desired 1-10 key bindings

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I hope this answers your question let me know if you need anymore with this.

OMG I feel so dumb! Yes, that solved it - literally right in front of my face!

Thank u!

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You can also change the keys in the game options if, for example, instead of having it in 7, you prefer to use another key or bind your mouse (settings - controls)

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