Needs scarecrow next to the skill reset stone

After resetting skills and change them. Need to try what’s the difference immediately.
I think other games has scarecrow to check the amount of damages.
So better to put it next to the reset stone too.


Noted! Just wanted to know that we have Rust Elites nearby! Thank you for the suggestion nonetheless!

Rust-Elite is right down the pass from it already to do just that.

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It’s not always there and not respawn quickly. Also need to move from the stone.

So need scarecrow next to it.

All the Rust-Es respawn in a few seconds. Perhaps you had a lag moment when you last checked? They’ve always worked for me. The position is also the same each time.

maybe add a button to summon Rust Elite with same to your lvl? to have more clean testing. cuz there is no so much point to attack 6 lvl when you are 30+ )


What would be really handy to have that indeed.