New pocket watches dont register talent or skill points

I have seen this multiple times now, and it seems to get worse and worse. You guys need to fix this.

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as lvl 3 i got my first talent point and skill points…

Whaou i want one lol

Have the same issue and apparently, if you put skill points on gear skills then remove or change the gear, these points will be stuck with that gear i.e assume you have 15 skills in total, if you put 3 skills on a gear skill then removed this gear for any reason, then rested your skills, you’ll have 12 skill points in total since the three skills are still stuck with that gear. Not sure if anyone noticed that or not but its not a fun bug if you lost that gear and forever you’ll be 3 points less.

This is happening quite a bit. I just started a Mythic Warrior and did not get a skill point until lvl 2. Only lost 1 skill point, but that is a bug that needs fixed. Has nothing to do with gears and misplaced skill points. Resetting does not fix it.

I know all this :slight_smile: but this pw did not give any talent points or skillpoints before i reached lvl 4 :slight_smile: i never switch pw gear :slight_smile:

Known issue, fixed for Ruby. Thanks!

awesome, thanks alot buck.

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