New Soul Drain 2.0

The soul drain currently needs some improvements. I think everyone would agree its one of the most inconvenient dungeon missions available so lets deep dive into it a suggest a way to make it better.

What if instead of the current system there was an energy meter / bar at the top of the screen that slowly drained over time. As the players approached enemies the drain would increase as the enemies leached off the players. In order to complete the mission players must race against the meter to kill enemies and feed the sould drain. Feeding the soul drain back to 100% would complete the mission.

This keeps the fluidity of the dungeon by not restricting the player to a location and hope they aggro enemies to the spot. It also introduces the player to a dps check vs dungeon lvl. Which is in alignment with trying to keep the player in the right progression.

Additional layer “maybe”:

There could also be a bonus layer to this if the players achieved completion within the a lotted time maybe a random soul well spawns giving the player a temporary shrine buff for the remainder of the dungeon or until death.

If they fail this they receive no rewards and move onto the next objective.



It is a good idea.
The biggest problem with soul drain is when you have cleared an area and the next mission touches you right there, it is very complicated and slow to attract enemies from another part of the map.
I also see a problem with that idea you expose.
Imagine that you finish the first quest at the end of a long path, for example in a corrupted portal, the next quest is soul drain. You must go through a very long path, without enemies until you reach the main area to start killing, which can cause you to fail the mission.

The best solution to these problems would be that both soul drain and data quests could only come out first.

Another different idea for the soul drain, it could be a respawn of enemies that come towards you when you step on the area and you have to withstand the wave. Although that modality, I would rather see it in the boss room so that it is not so boring.

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Is it worth the effort? Even if it works like designed, Soul Drain isn’t very fun, delete, spend effort on game release


It was said that soul drain was always intended to land as first quest. Currently running as 2nd is a bug.

You could also have a black hole like portal that has a counter but you need to defend it like wou said with enemies coming in waves. Nice idea

I generally don’t like the ‘mission failed’ result for failed objectives. It may be suitable for some things but I’d rather see penalties.

A good penalty for a soul drain failure would be everyone has max health and stamina reduced by 50% on failure.

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I think that would be a great idea!

I like all the ideas to fix Soul Drain, however this is the 3rd time they have tried to fix it. It’s important to recognize when you put something in people don’t like, instead of spending a ton of time trying to re-work it to be something people like, you can just say “this didn’t work” and remove it and try something else. There are a ton of other ideas for simple missions that won’t cause problems.

Big Time team has to know when they went down the wrong path and show that they can correct course and admit “it didn’t work”. Need to be humble and not get stuck on things that people don’t like.

At least Soul Drain is showing everyone the problems with Aggro so that can be fixed!

What is aggro?

“Aggro” means the mob is attacking you and will chase you when you run.

Unfortunately though during an ama it was stated the way aggro works will most likely never resemble traditonal mechanics where by 1 class holds aggro and others attack. They want the enemies attacking everyone all the time. This will propose an issue with boss rooms so we’ll see how it plays out

Yeah but different mobs can be coded differently they could use a different aggro system for bosses. On top of the fact that balancing is still taking place with all classes and eventually we should see a balance in the aggro.

Haven’t responded to other feedback, but now it’s time to declare soul drain as a complete waste of time. Bored by soul drain, sort it

In my opinion, soul drain should be that once the FULL team is inside the zone, enemies spawns around the area and swarms the team. Enemies cannot be farmed endlessly since they enemies would stop droping loot, exp and nft once the required amount have been killed. That way, if someone kills a mob outside the zone, the enemies still spawn but it becomes a waste of time to intentionaly kill them outside. This would remove the issue of no more mobs in the area, the time consuming issue of agroing back enemies and the general experience of the Soul Syphon objectuve would be a fun time with high adrenaline due to the intense waves rushing in

That’s awful. Groups needs to have order and need a Time Warrior or Quantum Fixer (paladin spec) to be able to pull and hold aggro. It’s not fun when mobs are just attacking everyone randomly and everyone is running around like chicken with head cut off. Hopefully they misspoke in the AMA.