News and updates need to presented better for the public

Problem you’re trying to solve

Big Time team needs to communicate more on their social media outlets(FB/Twitter/Discord/Reddit, etc) for big patches and updates. Currently right now it’s not and many players are unaware when updates and news happen.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel

I’ve talked with many people within the community mostly my guild, who were shocked that these resets and updates were coming only within a day or 2. Luckily for us we can prepare a bit but lack of communication for the mainstream audience makes it very difficult for your average player without a guild to understand and it makes it more frustrating for them to stay in the game. I’ve spoken to a decent amount who were oblivious to the reset & hotfix and they were largely unhappy about it.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience

  1. Obviously as stated post patches, updates, seasons notes on social media. It’s the platform that a lot of us check daily. It’s not very difficult and it can even intrigue a lot more new players since they see that the Big Time constantly hard at work and active.

  2. Announce the updates/patches atleast a week before hand so players can prepare. I recalled the reset happening around 4-3 days before it was going to happen and I didn’t see a lot of communication. I appreciate the announcements on Discord and Twitch but it’s not enough.

  3. @Blazo has stated this before but introducing a news feature on the game launcher would really help. A lot of other game companies do it already. Therefore those who log in even a few days after an update is announced can prepare.


News in the game launcher or client was one of my original forum posts. I understand the team doesn’t want to be held accountable for news they put in there because things can change, but that’s why it’s only used when things are already decided or done. This is important to inform the players of what is going on. Not everyone follows Discord or AMAs or live streams. Everyone does login to the game however, so that would be the place to communicate to everyone.

Easy place for News would be right in the launcher as long as it updated without people needing to close and open again. If not here, then in a cut screen like the early access disclaimer, or somewhere on the Login screen.

Right now they could have news like “We understand many players are not happy with the recent updates and changes. We are working to address the most common complaints like Dungeons too Large, Level 10-20 Dungeon Gap, Angry Mobs Quest, EXP Transfer to New Pocket Watch, Better Boss Rooms and more. Thank you for being patient while we fix these parts of the game.”

Just think of how effective that would be to be able to communicate to the whole community…


I really don’t get why a certain group of people on discord don’t get that not everyone follows discord and AMAs.
And they always say that it’s people’s fault for not following discord and AMAs as if we all live our lives differently.

I mean similarly.