NFT disappearance

About 30min ago I acquired the NFT under the name “Xolodorian Adept Shoulders” and was pleased with myself but after a while I realized the NFT was neither in my inventory, in game or on my sellable items and I have not done anything to it other then put them om then take them off.

I play on EU servers I was on the Frankfurt server to be exact and I finished a insectoid hive dungeon not sure if any of that information will help tho.

About 18:10-18:40

The only thing I can think of that could of had some sort of connection with this bug is when I changed my pocket watch, after I completed the dungeon I turned lvl 20 making me eligible to switch to a mythical pocket watch I had been keeping in my inventory after I switched I went and got starter time warrior gear and went to go do a dungeon and it was during this dungeon I thought about leaving the shoulders on my character and that’s when I realized they were gone. I’ve restarted my game and logged out and logged in to my account on open loot but the NFT is still gone, is there anything I can do or have I lost my NFT for good?

The new pocketwatch i started using right after I got the NFT

This has happened to me and many more people I believe. This bug is an important one for Bigtime to fix, imagine if someone picks up a legendary then it disappears.

Make sure you log a support ticket

nah :skull: they have to make sure theres no bugs where players loose important items, like right after this instead of playing on i just went off

oh how do i do that?

actually i see it now, thx

Hey @Just_Pablo, I’m sorry this happened to you:( This is something the team is currently looking into! Do you mind giving me your in-game name?
Also thanks for the details, they can really help us narrow this down!

Yes i can tell their very busy :sweat_smile:
yeah heres my name: “Justpablo” what’s it for?, no problem :grinning: