NFT disappeared from the inventory

I don’t have access to post a picture. I have that screenshot.

Frankfurt Echo

Saturday, ‎October ‎22, ‎2022, ‏‎11:43:44 AM

I received nft in the dungeon, the message on the screen did not appear, but on the right the nft message appeared, all members of the party received the nft message. in inventory in the dungeon I had it when I left the dungeon it disappeared I also have a picture of it before I left the dungeon it was #116 The Handsome Knight

I had the same problem in 10/20/2022
I got the nft then server kicked me out and the nft just dissapeared.

this happened to one of our team members 4 weeks ago… they created a ticket… never fixed or responded to

Hey! While this is a situation we’re currently looking into! If you guys don’t mind giving me your in game names, i can add them all! It’s an issue we’re still looking at, it’s not a very cooperative one either!

Hi Micah, this happens to me recently like 20 mins ago (12:40 UTC).
Sadly i have no proves, but i worried about this happens again.

ID: Mapple

My ID : ElChe

I also got the same error as above. ID: nhatkaka243 lost item name: Dagger of Sir Pellinore #67. Please or check thank you.