NFT drop chances per server?

Problem you’re trying to solve
I keep hearing how the server and region you are playing are affecting the chances of NFT drops per day. Some players are claiming to get above 20 NFT per day when the best I’ve seen is 5 in one session of 10 hours. I’m not always playing with a team of 6 players but I doubt it would change many things since I already got 2 NFTs out of 15 I’ve seen to drop by playing solo. If the server really affects the NFT drop chances, this needs to be addressed asap IMO. The region you are located in the world shouldn’t affect your gain per hour on this game. I’m located in NA east, so I’m playing on NA east. AP west and such have me lagging so much that I can’t play there.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
I feel like NFT chances to drop should be equal on ALL servers at ALL times.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Make it so that the chances to drop NFT are equal for everyone. So that people stop boycotting playing with players cause they refuse to change servers to “manipulate” the NFT’s drop chances. this is getting ridiculous. Thanks

There is some speculation that the server matters, however, there is some evidence against it also. I rage-quit this game because of the super unlucky drop rate for me. During jade, I got 1 uncommon NFT in one whole month. Hahahahaha! :smiley: :expressionless:
I hope the developer who built the marketplace for the 1st & 2nd Space sale didn’t build this “RNG” algorithm also.

If you’re playing the game right, you have the same chances as anyone else.

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I dont think the servers have different nft chances. I play on EU,and it feels the same rate as AP Northeast or US East. Some say AP West has the highest drop rate,but i didnt see any difference,it was the same as the 3 other servers i mentioned. So i think this is just a rumor.

Yeah i know its all speculations but if the results of their speculations is yielding results, then this needs to be investigated and adressed since this would lead to an exploit yielding real life currency gain increase versus the players not doing those server jump manipulations. I think it is worth to investigate this if it is in anyway a possibility.

I think it is just a rumor as well and that every servers are the same for nft chances. But since some players are preaching the veracity of this, either this is actualy a thing and needs to be fixed or they have to stop inducing players into this non sense. Either way, this needs to be adressed by the team i believe. Im a truth seeker. Not a bullshitter :wink: i wanna get to the bottom of this

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I think your information is misguided on this one @DrSmastTTV I think servers having different drop rates is anecdotal. Some people do certainly prefer certain servers because that’s where they happen to get some to drop for them, so they of course naturally want to go back to these. Same thing happens for dungeons, if you get an Epic NFT from a Level 36 Den, you tell people Dens are the best. That’s the nature of humans interacting with RNG, we are superstitious!

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