NFT/Dungeon meta creating poor player experience

Problem you’re trying to solve
Let’s rush the Outpost boss room… no? Ok, I’m leaving.
Don’t kill, this is a waste of time.
Let’s find Outpost.
Did I mention Outpost?
Don’t kill toiletpaper!
Have you played OutpostTime?

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
I feel the following points and while I am not 100% convinced they are completely accurate, more importantly the player base at large does.

  • Higher rarity NFT drops are in higher level dungeons
  • Higher rarity NFT drops are more likely from top tier mobs (except Ancient Monitor)
  • The quickest way to get some top tier mobs is to rush the boss room
  • The quickest/shortest high level dungeon to boss room rush is Outpost (even with the abysmal soul drain)

These factors are making BigTime into OutpostTime, the new blockchain game where you snipe objectives, kill nothing, rush the boss room, dodge the toiletpaper and kill a few T-Rex or Mega Clockies; wash rinse repeat. Good luck finding a group if that’s not your jam. I feel like this is awful gameplay.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
[REPLACE THIS: Idea 1, idea 2, bullet points are always nice for ease of reading. Please include images and/or links to videos when possible]

Firstly, you can’t just nerf Outpost or try to hinder boss rushes with irritating mechanics, it will just funnel people to do exactly the same thing on the next easiest/fastest map and find ways around mechanics that demoralize the player base. So it’s a complex issue… that said I’ll throw out some ideas.

*Dynamic NFT drop rates to ‘carrot’ people away from a single dungeon. So if Incursion/Outpost/Syphon/Bino maps are being run 25/25/25/25 %, then all drop rates are the same. If its 5/85/5/5, then drop rate on Outpost would fall by something like 80% (yes that’s huge and no I don’t think it’s too harsh). If 20/60/5/5, Outpost rate would fall like 55%, Incursion by 15% etc. The basic idea is just to make single map grinding ineffective at producing NFTs. Even if it just means boss rushing alternating maps is the outcome, this is still superior to OutpostTime or IncursionTime or BinoTime.

*Don’t tie rarity of NFT drop to top level mobs, at least not closely enough to incentivize bypassing everything else. Since we don’t know the background numbers here, I can’t really make any suggestion. But something about the system is producing a pretty clear impression that sniping the top tier mobs and skipping as much as possible give the best high rarity NFT drop rate. It could be as simple as clearing more top-tier mobs per minute producing that result.


Another thing you can notice is some specific NFTs are tied to specific dungeons.
Like Demon Hunter Items are in Bino
Legendary hammer, great sword, gloves, and shoulders, Shinobu Acolyte, Xolo Adept, Chrono Barb items are in Incursions and Crash Site.

That is also the reason why veterans spam outposts because the pool of legendary NFTs tied to outpost is bigger than other dungeons.
You can get legendary helmet, chest, legs, axe, titles, staff, and blade in it.

I think every NFT should have equal chances of dropping in any dungeon.


i’ll pass this feedback along to buck, thankyou :smiley:

I can agree to this. The NFT drops are simply not fair for the other dungeons compared to the Outpost. I’ve full cleared dungeons for hours and seen few uncommons and barely any epics and rares. Then I spent a whole day boss rushing with randoms in the outpost for 4 days and gotten 5 Epic NFTs plus a bunch of uncommons. You simply get the best NFTs boss rushing the Cyber Pirate Elite Outpost in Icy. It’s sad that we’re still speed running even with the hotfix and if the game is to continue on like this, it won’t survive except with bots. This really needs re work


All Dungeons should have same NFT drop rate. It makes me feel like they are unable to change the drop rates of certain mobs in certain dungeons, so they are messing with (breaking) the content to control the drop rates, when they should be making the content fun, and adjusting drop rates so they are even across all dungeons.

I wonder if this is why Tank Bug Boss Rooms were removed… because they needed to “lower” drop rates and could not simply adjust the drop rates on the 50-70 tank bugs for those dungeons, so they made a boss room with 5 targets.


Well because of poor communication you might be damn right.
It shouldn’t be like that, there has to be a more fun and challenging ways to go about it rather than finding a quick fix

I totally agree that it should be fixed. The fact that NFT dont drop in corrupted portal is also an issue imo. Nft drop rates should be the same IN ALL DUNGEONS and just the equipment rewards (watches, bags, gears, equipmemt) should differ from different dungeon types. That way, depending on what kind of items the team wants, they can go in specifictypes of dungeons WITHOUT HINDERI G THEIR NFT DROP CHANCES. the game should let you pick what u want and not force you into specific playstyles to get nft more efficiently. Min maxing equipement and power, im all about that. Min maxing nft drop rates shoudnt be possible other than kill stuff faster. Elitist shoudnt be able to get more income possible in a same timespan than a casual player unless they just kill the same stuff faster. I dont know if you see what i mean? Let me know in the coments!


100% Agree - NFT drop rate should be the same for all dungeons and all content. We should have the same NFT drop rate no matter what dungeon we decide to go in… Use higher rarity items and Artifact Fragments as a reward for mini bosses, target mobs in boss rooms, actual boss mobs, etc. This way we can play all the content equally based on what we need and there is no meta gaming NFT Farming.

I think having the NFT drop rate vary per mob is a misguided strategy to begin with. The drop rate should be standardized based on an average time-to-kill or something like that and adjusted universally as needed based on that standard.

Yup, while it seems logical on the surface to have better rewards for badder mobs, it just creates a reward funnel. Then you are in an arms race to stop players from abusing everything possible to optimize that funnel and end up putting in stupid and aggravating mechanics that hurt overall gameplay to combat it.