NFT looted in party chat

I would love this feature to be added to the game asap.

So many times, especially the last few weeks ive experienced that i can hear the sound of the nft dropping, but often not able to see it in the air or who it goes to.

Most players never look or use the party chat, as they are like robots running around, and never communicate with their team.

Even when i dont win an nft, im really curios of what dropped, and who got it, so why not add in party chat

Uncommon nft green color saying Turbocharlie have looted “dagger of sir uriens”
Rare nft blue color in party chat, Turbocharlie have looted xxxx
Epic nft purple color in party chat

I think you get my point.

I get just as happy when someone i know or play alot with get an nft, but it would be much more fun, if we all could see what it was and the rarity. As we get these nfts as an team effort by working together.


Simple solution for this was shared in Game Feedback:

Although I like your suggestion, only in party chat doesn’t solve it because you would have to keep checking the party chat. Simple message on screen for everyone solves it and makes this exciting for everyone. “NFT Looted” to the person who gets it in the BIG text exactly as it is now. “NFT Looted by Player Name” or “Player Name Looted NFT” in smaller text to everyone else in the party.

THEN you can put the actual NFT they looted in group chat because you will know when to check it like you suggested. Good call on that.


well i dont want an popup on my screen NFT looted, if i dont win it. in my world that is plain stupid.

There is already an sound that tells everyone that an nft is dropped. WHich i never missed out on.

That’s not what anyone suggested. It would be way smaller text and it would say “Player Name Looted an NFT” in much smaller text, it would not make anyone think they looted an NFT, it would literally say the name of the player that looted one.


ah i get that, like that idea :slight_smile:

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That would be cruel otherwise Turbo, totally agree, lol.


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