NFT Looted Message Appearance

Problem you’re trying to solve
The NFT Looted Message appearance is so cheap looking and not very enticing to look at.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
I think bringing back the old NFT Looted message is much more appealing in the eyes and makes you more excited. Also, you can already see what rarity of NFT you got.

The new one seems so basic compared to the old one. It does look cheap, boring and plain;

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Bring back the old NFT Looted message or design a much more appealing message that triggers excitement to the game. The old one fits the aesthetic of the game overall.



I agree. I made a post about this as well. I think the original message for NFT drops was perfect and I miss it. If they want to keep the new message, please color code it like the old one was. They could use the current white one for Artifact Fragments and have it say “Artifact Fragment Looted”.


Bring it back please.


So there are two parts here. The most recent text addition does a great job of communicating who got what. Also, the current version has a 3d model of the type of time looted + color for rarity.

The part you want back is what specifically?

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Hi Buck, what I’m talking about is the old NFT Looted message that appears when you get the NFT. See below.


I have no problem with the most recent text addition that informs players who gets what. I just think that the old NFT Looted text is better than the new one and has the best way of informing what NFT you got.


Perfect, images always rock in these conditions.


I also agree with you. The old one is perfect and i’m wondering why they changed it to that.

Great idea with the artifact fragments. They should just use new there.

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