NFT Looted message bugged

When an NFT is looted it now says “NFT Artifact Looted”. When an Artifact Fragment is looted it doesn’t say anything, there is no message for anyone.

I was confused when I saw NFT Artifact Looted and got an NFT and not an Artifact Fragment.

To avoid confusion… When an NFT is looted it should show the original “NFT Looted!” message, the one that is color coded and big text. That message is iconic and beautiful and perfect, that should not be removed in my opinion.

When an Artifact Fragment is looted it should show “Artifact Fragment Looted” message.

In both cases, it should show the new message to the other players in the group telling them who looted what. That was a fantastic addition and everyone loves that.


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I think that the message of NFT Artifact Looted is right because is someway, they are introducing us a new lore. From now on, NFTs aren’t just NFTs, they are Artifacts and you need to collect Artifact Fragments in order to “craft” the NFT Artifacts :slight_smile:

It’s also important that Artifact Fragments aren’t NFTs, they are just in-game items. At least, Big Time Studios didn’t share any other info about them.

For this reason, I only think that they missed to implement the message for the NFT Artifact Fragments Looted or even Artifact Fragments Looted. The message for the NFT Artifact Looted is right since that’s what you’re really collecting.

Yes, there is a big different between an actual NFT and an Artifact Fragment. The messages should be clear on what is looted so there is no confusion.


Oh you saying that NFTs are now called “Artifacts”? I see…

If that’s the case and this was intentional, you are right… the bug is that the messages should be:

NFT = “NFT Artifact Looted”
Fragment = “Artifact Fragment Looted”

I will really miss the old message, and the color coding if this is the case. I thought the original NFT Looted message was the best screen in the game.

Maybe they can color code the “NFT Artifact Looted” message for the full NFT’s like they had before?


Oh yes! That coloured message was soooo cool haha Would be great to see the new format but with a coloured text or at least, NFT Artifact coloured.

Regarding NFTs called Artifacts, that’s just what I guess but didn’t read anything official about that. But I really think that’s the way how NFTs are transitioning to become something else and not just “NFTs” :slight_smile:

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