NFT prayer hall

GREAT Big Time give me the legendary NFT please , I play 24/7 all my characters have always been level 50+ and now I have reached level 50 on ruby.(im jade)
P.S write here what you most want, it’s very interesting to know what people want.
With love and fun =)


I hope that big time gives me legendaries too,a looooooot of nfts,and im very high levels prays.

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Bro, I played so much Big Time that I think Big Time game is real life, but in the end, all my effort is in vain, because I still didn’t get NFT, What the heck Big Time creators? How as a person who full-time Big Time I get no Epics or legendaries, I only got uncommon NFTS. I feel like I’m being scammed at this point. Some might say I’m just unlucky. Well Probably, yes, but that doesn’t make it impossible for me to get a legendary or epic grade NFT. I suffered enough I’m gonna start playing 1 hour less on big time that’s now 12 hours playing a day in Big Time a BIG jump from 13 hours.

P.S. /s

Dear Sant… ohm… Big Time team,
I’ve been very good this year!
I would like a Large Exalted Space, some legendary cosmetics and a Paw Patrol blanket.
I will leave some retweet, youtube comments and milk for you. I hope you like them!

Merry 0.4 Big Time team!
Love, Nemesystem :gift_heart: :rofl:

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