I been playing since Jade. Got rank 50 and now in ruby rank 43. All i got is 1 epic in jade and epic in ruby. Others are getting a lot of epic/legendary nfts. I haven’t even got a single Space NFT. I invested a lot in the game, hoping to get atleast 1 legendary.
Thank you Big Time

Funny thing is that even my friends call me Unc God, since all I get is uncommon NFT… :smiley:

Hey man, sometimes the luck is cold for people. The best thing you can do is make sure you’re always giving yourself the best possible chance.

Have a party of 6 is best, making sure you stay near each other.


Arresterlolz9896 got 3 legendary so far, I still have 0 and just 2 epic. my friends call me unc king :confused: i mean it is a shame someone getting 2 - 3 legendary when there are few people we always playing with that got none

I saw how someone get 3 epic in 1 day, 2 epic in 3min the same person :smiley: and he got 11 epic so far. Is it truly rng ? Because it is driving people crazy

i hope this explains all :smiley: it is not a joke


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