NFTs and character animations

Problem you’re trying to solve
Not enough character animations. Nfts should add or unlock special character animations.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
This game has lots of potential and promise, but it is lacking in eye candy. Think of genshin impact. Why do people spend so much money on a mind numbingly repetitive and boring game?? Lore, character design… and, CHARACTER ANIMATIONS! When people play a game like Genshin Impact, even though it is utterly pointless and painfully repetitive, what keeps people coming back to not only play, but spend stupid amounts of money, are the character animations.

If you haven’t played genshin then I suggest you watch some videos or try playing it. The character animation when battling is just so amazing and beautiful.

Ive had a genshin impact discord channel for over a year now that runs 24-7 without me, because ive stopped playing genshin, but I read what people are talking about in my channel and occasionally stop in to see what’s new.

The overall excitement that keeps the channel so consistently active isnt the gameplay, but the new characters that are constantly coming out… and ive found its not really the characters that people are looking for…i mean yes new characters help make the game new and fun to play, but its the new character animations that the new character adds to the game that get people hyped.

Genshin impact revolves around elemental reactions.

Every character commands an element in a unique way. When different characters with different elements interact, elemental reactions occur.

The character animations for a single character and their element is satisfying enough to be dazzled and delighted with, but when characters of different elemental animations are combined together, mind blowing elemental reaction displays occur.

These character animation displays are what truly hook people and pull massive amounts of people. its just too entertaining.

Im not saying to become like genshin impact. I hate the game because it lacks substance, there’s no content… though it is still visually satisfying to watch… Genshin still keeps people because of the character animation WOW factor.

Id say Genshin rates like 9/10 for character animations…probably even a 10/10, where as BigTime currently rates a 2/10 for me in character animation ‘wow’ factor.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
One idea of fixing this, and im sure you will come up with better ones, is utilizing nfts to add and or unlock certain character animations.

Make nfts add the WOW facter when it comes to character animations. The rarer the weapon skin, the more dramatic the effect and animation, especially when in battle.

Make armor NFTs stand out with visual effects when equipped.

Also, people love the elements.

Add elemental skin nfts.

Make a lightning hammer skinned theme, make armor that gives off the dragon ball z type aura when equipped, create corresponding themed armor, name title, and weapon themes that do extra special effects if they are all equipped together.

I mean, just make abilities in general more visually pleasing… we all want to feel like super heros when playing a game. the thing that super heros have that we normal people dont, are cool special effects. Bring on the character animations that fit the theme of bigtime and we will all be more visually satisfied, so much so that we will play the game more just to experience the character animations.

Please add to this with better ideas of how NFTs can help add visual stimulation and character animations to BigTime.

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I totally agree! Great suggestions and I actually had made similar post about this.

When we think about “cosmetics” - skins are a simple an outdated way of providing this gameplay variability. Big Time desperately needs more character and weapon animations that are tied to the NFTs. This would help the game look more unique, less boring, while also providing more incentive to collect/purchase NFTs for cometic purposes.

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