NFTs are not shown anymore

I my NFT are not shown in the cosmestics section after I was in a dungeon. If im back in a dungeon I can see them again…
Also I have the issue that I drop out of the dungeons in the bossroom about 1 out of 2 time. I can’t rejoin the dungeon after restarting the game.

Yeah the NFT’s not showing up in the cosmetic tab in game is a common issue I am sure the Big Time team knows about the issue if you check your collection on the website all of your items will be there so no worries this issue should be resolved soon with an update/fix to the game I hope otherwise you are enjoying yourself. :smiley:

I have experiment this bugs many times too.

You can only see the NFT you have currently on, but all your others NFT doesn’t show up in the inventory cosmetic tab.

If you remove an equipped NFT, you can put it back as it disappear until your NFT list comes back