NFTs Cosmetics must look better

Dear team

After spending a month or more looking at the cosmetics it is evident that the cosmetic side of things require alot of work. Just look at the legendary Brunor axe , Alymeres Axe to the Bleoberis Axe. The design is exactly the same, the difference is, the color … what about the war hammer of perceivale compared to the war hammer of palemedes, again, a color difference. And so are the countless of great swords to battle blades that are identical across epics , rares to uncommon. Just looking at the success of other nft projects and on the cosmetic side of things, it is clear that they are visually unique , different and not just a simple change of colour. This makes it highly collectible due to both the design and the quantity that’s available. Right now it feels lazy, cheap looking and dosent make anyone want to go “damn, I want that” or “damn I’m keeping this”.

The team must relook into the actual design, what makes it visually stunning, well crafted, unique to to others and not just a copy and paste with a change of color, that’s not going to cut it. Please look into this, because right now, a whole lot of them aren’t visually appealing for people to purchase yet alone collect them. The steppe walkers set looks almost identical to the chrono barb set, why would anyone pay 500x more to look similar ? Kindly look into it.


Agreed. If NFT cosmetics are the ultimate value proposition of the economy (Space, token, etc all lead to creation/upgrading of skins) - These skins better look top notch…I hope the current appearances are just a placeholder because these need ALOT of work. A color change isn’t going to cut it, and a lot of the weapon models are just flat out ugly.


100% Agree. My guess is the team understands this already, but would be good to hear from them in a specific update that all the cosmetic NFTs will be overhauled to look better and given effects to match the rarity. For example, the particle effects should be much more prominent as the rarity goes up. There is no way an uncommon cosmetic should have the same intensity glow/particle effects as an epic.

I want to be able to CLEARLY distinguish the difference of someone wearing an uncommon/rare/epic/legendary cosmetic. I should know INSTANTLY and it should be visible from far away, so there is no doubt what rarity they are wearing.

Without over stating this, the success of this game and the economy will rely on cosmetics being distinguishable, desirable and having better particle effects depending on the rarity. I think rarity of the armor should be distinguishable somehow as well, not just weapons.