NFTs disappeared from cosmetics

I was running a dungeon with 5 people in total we finished the dungeon I heard a NFT drop and one other in my party heard it drop as well. most of us who did not hear It left the dungeon fairly fast and none of us saw NFT looted but I was left in the dungeon and I saw the NFT uncommon sitting in the middle of the room not moving to anyone I walked up to it and it went to me as if I just looted it. I checked my cosmetics and it was in there a great sword of sir Lucan I leave the dungeon and check my cosmetics again and its gone I checked the website in my inventory and its gone this is extremely strange since no one had the pop up message NFT LOOTED and then I just saw the NFT sitting there not flying away to anyone and then after I walked up to the NFT it goes to me and once we leave the dungeon its gone might be a bug

do you have video of this happening?

Sadly I wasn’t recording at the time of it happening I wish I was because it was extremely strange