No items, No Skills, No Level

Nothing changed after 8 hours.
When will you fix this BUG?

Best Regards.

I have only seen this, when youre not fully loaded in :slight_smile:
Did you try to exit the launcher completely and reboot your computer ? simple steps are often the solutions :slight_smile:

I did all steps. nothing fixed since yesterday
I cant see my items, my time pockets. Everything lose.

man that sucks dude :frowning:

If you’re still in the same state after 8 hours, the best thing that you can do is opening a ticket in

As @Turbocharlie said, this is very common when your game is still loading but shouldn’t last more than some minutes.

I sent an e-mail. I wait their solutions.

Never tried to send an email. The official way that all mods and CS members suggest is opening a ticket in Scroll down until you see the Customer Support option at the bottom:


I would also reach out to the customer support team like @Josep said open a ticket on the Big Time website they will help get you sorted out as quickly as possible @sherlockanons sorry you are having these problems.

Suddenly I lost my all items and all time pockets.
and I m losing time now, There is not still answer or solution from CS or Team.
I m still waiting. I love this game so much. I support this game.
But this is big problem. Really big problem. not simple bug.

Guys look! CS Team answered my mail;
Now I am asking!
I lost my all, i lost my time. What will I do now? I am 0 level. I dont have anything.
I am silver player. I bought silver card 8 months ago. I was waiting this game for very long time.
Please tell me what will I do now?
We are in EAL pass. and I will play 0 level with anything now?
I had mythic time pockets (51 chronomancer)
I had exalted time pockets (shadowblade)
I had so good int+cooldown items and I had so good gears.

I want help immediately about this problem.