Now Fixer is USELESS unless equipping Gate Gear

I joined a group and when Entering Dun. Team mate asked me " Do you have Gate" I didnt have one so I said “No” then They kicked me :rofl:

Fixer Role is now only for GATE not the heal. Healing is useless in the game now.
Maybe need MANA Beam not the Heal Beam…

Also GATE Gear is hard to get.

Now the useless class are Fixer and Shadow.

Fixer isnt useless at all.
Its still a great class even if you just can heal.
Just bc one group said that doesnt mean the entire big time fanbase thinks that. People who kick for stupid reasons are toxic :[
As a fixer with no gates rn,i enjoy healing and helping people. Its much harder to ress without a fixer.
Thats just my opinion,but as a fixer main i really enjoy playing my class.


I don’t play QF myself but I think @Gootsy is correct you cant quantify the entire class as bad because one group decided to kick you due to you not having the specific thing they were looking for. That is not to say you are not right that gates seem to be really strong right now making people want to lean towards having a gates user I personally know many parties that don’t run gates constantly but they do have gear switches to use it when needed due to it being really strong. I am very sorry you had to deal with a group like that I dislike groups doing that very much.
I do know a lot about shadow blade and currently I would say QF is still in a better state then SB yeah balancing of the skills needs to take place but it will get there. What would you suggest is done to QF though @Shun should they reduce the dmg multiplier of the gates or should they increase the healing from the QF abilities what would make it a balanced class in your eyes I am excited to hear your response.


Fixers are my best friends! I love them! Keeps me alive long enough to smash and clear mobs a TW :slight_smile:


Honestly Gate is as much as priority. What really makes fixers great in a full group setting personally is Instant Revive. When playing in full groups the action is insane and it’s great knowing there’s a healer there to protect you when you want to Leeroy Jenkins a large group of mobs.

As for gates, with the amount of healing trees out there mana isn’t as much as an issue. Sorry that your experience was bad but give it more time and just play the class you enjoy most. Each class is equally needed and can play a good role in any group setting. Okay I lied maybe not a full group of fixers but you get what I mean. =)


It really depends on the rest of the party on what is the build for a fixer. IMO there are 2 builds right now for a fixer that also complement each other very well.

1 - Healer/Support Role: Focus healing, gates, and debuffs (rend/smite). If your TW, Chrono, and Shadowblades can crowd control a tank is less important, so you can focus on increasing making sure everyone is topped off and killing things as quickly as possible. Throwing gates, trees, heals, and removing bubbles.
2 - Tank: Focus on keeping hate and reducing the energy cost of spells and shield blocking. Since tanking with Fixer requires energy, you want a lot and to keep what you do have. I personally love this build and if done right you can solo tank/heal 15-20 levels above your level.