Numerous game crashes, and broker fails. HELP US BIGTIME

Sunday 5/29/22 tried to get into a dungeon for 45min straight and kept getting kicked from the game.

Today, Tuesday 5/31/22 (my bday) logged in at 3am its now 4:32 am and have not been able to play one dungeon with my party. It took us 45min to all get on the same instance even though were all on the same server. Then another 45min of being kicked out of dungeon and broker failed. Really hoping this will get fixed soon. Really wanted to get a bday NFT.

I am certain the Big Time team is focused on these server issues and nothing else. It is top priority for them, and hopefully all will be fixed soon. Scaling to a massive amount of users is the hardest part of the game development process, and my guess is that is all they are working on right now.