Objects too close to each other causing access issues

When people summon back to town portal next to a dungeon it blocks access to dungeon.
Also when people drop unwanted items near a vendroid or a dencryptor it blocks access to them.
I’d suggest to make the dropped items and summoned portals appear at a fixed distance when players are too close to a fixed object such as dungeon and vendroid.

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by fixed distance i mean a distance that is not too close to block the access to fixed objects, also not too far away so that player can still see the dropped items.

I think the best fix would be to simply make town portals only appear for the person who uses them. We don’t need to be sharing town portals!

Also, if they could put the old town portal graphic back and remove the collision that would be awesome. I liked that town portal graphic!


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I like the old town portal graphic too, hope they bring it back