% of Mobs Cleared in Dungeons

Right under objectives, it should tell us what % of the mobs have been cleared. For example:

67% of 100% Mobs Cleared

This will help people clear mobs before finishing the dungeon as intended. It won’t be required to clear mobs before the boss room, but for those groups that want to do this, for example “Ok guys, let’s clear 80% of the mobs before going to boss room.” This would make it easier to do so.



Also, players should spawn outside the circle and have to move into it to activate the dungeon, this way the first person in doesn’t accidently start it and make less mobs for the group.


I agree with this. Spawning inside the circle causes problems and many players have not understood that yet.

Yah we were talking about this is discord together I think it should be a quest after all other quests are finished that puts an arrow above every mob until dungeon is either 80% clear or however much the devs feel like we should clear the dungeon before moving on this would solve the issue of people speed running without killing any mobs and actually completing the dungeon as the developers intended

Agreed This is just how it should be no reason for it to load u in the circle because if one person loads faster then anyone else but they do not actually load in till its to late to move out of the circle and the dungeon starts with one person this is very annoying

Huge yes bump for out-of-circle spawn-ins.