OMG I met new boss in openworld

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there is no new boss…i cant see it

Rare spawn bosses in Open World would be amazing! I also love the idea of Rare spawn bosses at the end of a dungeon after you clear it. Small % chance, like every 10-20 dungeons, a rare boss that has a unique model and name, is much harder then every mob in the dungeon and actually a challenge to beat for the team. If you defeat the rare boss you get at least 1 rare item, and a small chance to drop the higher rarities. Only drops 1 item no matter what it is, but it at very least will be a rare item. Also a higher chance to drop NFT would be cool, just a bit better than Tank Bugs etc. Something like that would make grinding dungeons pretty fun to clear, hunting for that rare boss spawn!



This is something i talked about on Discord.

They have to add clever content than more dungeons, the ideas are limitless.

A small example :

---- Region has 3 dungeons in total, in these 3 dungeons last bosses have a very small chance to drop a special key fragment. When someone is lucky enough to find all 3 key fragments he is able to have the key for a special/unique dungeon with a single boss in it or use it in a special pylon somewhere in open world in same region to spawn a gigantic open world boss with better loot than usual bosses based on regions level.

Thats just an example, it can work with so many different ways.