OMG Is BT BETA now ?!

From the latest AMA
They said BETA has started from Jade phase,
Also release might be during Q3.

I thought Devs will stop Pre-Alpha then have developing time and move to Alpha or Beta.

There are so much same bugs and gameplay hasn’t changed that much. Now I worry about official launch might be fail.

  • Dungeons are still same shape seems not RDG.
    Things has the name of Dungeon should have floors.

Go to deeper floors make NFT drop increase or possible to get Materials for forging NFT and sand.

There are so many things left to make successful :rocket:

The short answer is no. If they said that it was likely an honest miscommunication.

Beta is a very specific game/software development term. Traditionally a game would not be “in beta” until feature complete or very close to it.

Beta implies that basically all core features/systems are live and they are in a “polishing phase” where they are cleaning up various things and doing minor bugfixes.

So technically, I would consider global launch to be “the game in beta”.