One of the worst blockchain game experiences

I play many many blockchain games. This one has managed to suck the most hours out of me for the least return on time investment.

I know this sounds bitter so i dont expect it to be received well especially by people who benefited from a gold/silver time period drop rate but as a Jade pass buyer I just have to get this off my chest.

Wow. It’s pretty painful leveling up when you cant just choose solo leveling, just getting people who join your dungeon while its almost done, then they either contribute nothing or run in and die. They just make the dungeon scale up and harder and more often than not just increase the fail rate. I put up with this way too much on way to hitting level 10 then I realized I have not hit any nft loot what so ever. I did not get the rare space I was expecting, I did not get any jade exclusive cosmetic i was expecting. In fact I just have zero. I dont see why I should keep grinding this headache. Its choppy, there’s input lag. It feels like an MMO released before WoW. WoW came out 18 YEARS AGO.

Where’s the loot? The advertisement on this game seems to mislead you BIG TIME. Get it? haha /cry

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Silver pass holders didn’t have it much better. I played through the silver early access period, and I only got 12 weapon NFTs (all “uncommon” rarity) because I got sick of grinding away at a game that is fundamentally broken just to find these elusive NFTs that are worth squat currently. I would’ve gotten better value-for-money if I’d foregone the silver pass and used that money to buy NFTs from the marketplace while they’re still so cheap.

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You’ve been playing for two days and you’re already complaining? LOL

We’re playing a pre-alpha, they just made a really good game with gameplay so we can dungeon, enjoy the experience, make friends and get some nfts (we paid for all of that, not just get nfts and make money).

It is true that many things are missing (and they are working on it), I understand that for example there are no missions or enemies outside the dungeons because you could not play with the lag and the number of players, it is a good start.

If you thought that you were going to recover the investment of the jade pass in two days… you are very wrong. I have a silver pass and the jade drop rate is similar to what we had, we have paid 10 times more, I got 20 nfts (0 spaces, 0 epics) and I have played many hours in these three weeks.
At current price it would recover approximately 10%.

But we are not looking at just any nft game, we are looking at the future of nft games. We are looking for games that last several years and not 3-4 months and die, games in which fun can coexist and we can make a profit playing.

Would we like more nfts to drop? of course! I wish I could have seen or gotten a slot, I see gold pass streamers who have 7-8 slots, some legendary item… I only saw one epic drop in three weeks, and no slots.
The drop rate has changed a lot between gold/silver, but it is better not to blind yourself in recovering the pass and enjoy this early access that we have paid to play before many other players.

PS: I also compare it with wow because it is what I have played for a long time, but let’s not forget that in wow you have to pay to play (if you play in the official one, of course) and here, you can play for free and even win cryptocurrencies and yes you’re lucky, nfts.
We are facing the future of games, but we must be patient.


Just ask for some tier 5 or tier 6 pocket watch for your class and try to gather some good crew of 5 or 6 players that know what they are doing and you will have much brighter future and expirience :slight_smile:

Playing alone won’t bring you a good gaming experience!

each mob can drop nfts, so try gathering a team of 6, make sure to have Chronos, Warriors, a Healer and Shadow Blade. It will make the adventure have more mob (thus more chance to drop)

Spaces are a potential drop as part of any other loot.

This game is absolutely not one of the garbage / fake games out there where you play 5h you earn money

The game has a lot of flows atm but it stays a really good one!
once again, Bigtime is a video game with blockchain feature to it

You need about 5h of efficient play to reach level 20 on a pocket watch, so it is VERY fast to reach that point.

Keep playing as it is only day 2, so it is time for farming rather than complaining :slight_smile:

One of the worst Forum readin experiences ever…

Let me translate what the writer wrote…

why cant i just play how i want without worrying about how the devs are telling me to play and make easy money. I was a cheapo and bought the 2nd to cheapest option and now expect returns within 48 hours. I am a whiney person and want others to hear me whine.

end of post…

TLDR - Grow up and get out of crypto. Crypto is not safe for simpletons like you expecting to make money in 48 hours on easy mode without following direct instructions for best returns… this is the guy sending USDC to the USDC contract address and complaining it is gone forever…


Extremely well said @strepi @Nhine I am sorry you have not enjoyed your experience so far but keep in mind this is an alpha game and a game at that not just an investment that your going for ROI its a community game where you make friends and play together and with that said to get the best NFT drop rate I would suggest playing in a 6 player party with friends clearing the dungeon and doing the objective together, Join a guild I am currently In BYG and we on jade start had pre set up groups for players to get right into the fun no hassle and there will be a system in place in the future in game so you do not have to go through guilds or finding a group on your own but like I said its an early access so what I suggest is shake of the bad first couple days find a guild and play with a team friends and enjoy the game for what it is the future of web 3 gaming I hope the rest of early access you enjoy yourself. :slight_smile: - Sneaky

this is the problem with this game. we are forced to group up. Feeling forced is not fun!

But it’s an mmorpg, not a single player rpg. It’s in the name, group up and it will be a much better experience. Most groups always allow a few lower levels to tag along without any problems as long as your not rude.

First of all, this is deff not an game to play, if you want to run solo, this is very much an team based game. Which is also getting rewarded with much higher chance of nfts and items, when you run a full group.

An man, playing for 2 days and making a post like this is a bit crazy :slight_smile: team up with some nice people, find a nice guild, have some good laughs and fun on discord with ppl, and the game will be 100 times more fun.

And yes i know that alot of ppl start playing this game, with their hopes of earning a lot of money. Which is deff not the case for everyone.

I myself have been quite pissed many times at this game, but calling it the worst block chain game ever, when it has soo much potential, i think this game can outgrow even wow when its fully developed. I think we have maybe seen 5 % of what this game has in store for us.

Id say give it another chance man :slight_smile: best of luck

I get all the frustrations but have in mind all of you, you playing an alpha version of a game and the fact that you find it good enough to spend hours if something, is really promising.

As i said before go check WOW alpha, POE alpha or any games alpha and tell me if you could play that for more than few minutes. Empty worlds, myriad of bugs, choppy gameplay, really trash netcodes and the list goes on and on … but thats alpha for you.

Now about the " my investment didnt pay out " argument. Next time people dont overpay for a pass. Those who bought passes cheap be sure theyll get their money back with one way or another. For those who bought Jade for 1500 and Gold for 15000 … well what did you expect ?

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true shit :slight_smile: you nailed this one :slight_smile: