Opinions on 0.22 Patch

Here are my opinions on the new patch

~Rift forest dungeons are very cool! Really liking them.
~The boss chests are a great addition,too many potions tho :confused:
~My favourite part of the update: THE MUSIC!!! The new music is very epic shoutout to the audio team! Same with the sound effects :smiley: . Someone or Big Time themselves should upload the ost to yt so we can listen it.
~Soul drain no longer being the 2nd mission is very good as well.
~The new pots,i couldnt really use them but they still look great.
~I personally like the new item icon changes as well but some dont.
~Exploding canisters are scary and thats why they are good lol they got me the first time
~Syphon dungeons also being like corrupt portals at times is good too.
~The spectating is a bit meh but you can still get some cool screenshots.

~Turrets and other skills are wayy too much nerfed. A lot of skills getting nerfed and being unusable.
~A lot of warriors skills are nerfed,so its not really good anymore.
~Same with shadowblade after the speed nerf.
~I dont really like the new clockie dungeon. Its just killing the same mob over and over again.
-The energy requirements are just way too much.

Thanks for reading! I like this update overall.


Awesome feedback Gootsy! I agree with this list, lot’s of positive changes but unfortunately some really bad ones with the “Nerf Wars” still going on. Taking away the most fun skills from each class is never a good idea. Small adjustments are ok, but nerfing the skill to oblivion so no one uses it… not sure why they insist on doing that. Ever since the nerf to Whirlwind, this has been the way they try to balance classes, and it is the wrong approach.

Ironically, they could return Whirlwind back to what it was originally with the Blue Effect everyone loved so much and it wouldn’t be over powered at all because every mob has shields now and that skill did nothing to shields.

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Thanks for the review. I’m going to be putting together discussions for each class to get a clear rundown of how people want those classes to be. I talked with our rock star Martin yesterday, and he’s asking for feedback on them.

Guidelines on the feedback: Concentrate on what is/was fun for the class VS what is not fun for the class.

I’ve kicked off class feedback channels on Discord.

Chronomancer: Chronomancer - Big Time Forums
Time Warrior: Time Warrior - Big Time Forums
Quantum Fixer: Quantum Fixer - Big Time Forums
Shadowblade: Shadowblade - Big Time Forums

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