Party-Dungeon Finder πŸ’₯

Would also like to see a way to integrate a party or dungeon finder. Kinda like World of Warcraft. You Q as the role- (Pocketwatch) you want to do the dungeon in and around the level of dungeon you are looking for.

Also a Friends list, show status of friend what server they are playing on- make it so you can add note in the name section.


Definitely! This is on our road map for a future release.


yeah and the chat is very buggy to use when trying to find members as well

WOuld love to see option to select Speedrunner / Cleaner added to it
so we would be able to play with people that wants to play in the same style as we want instead having to deal with weird people…

A bit more like, create a party, setup the options and let people find you by filtering it or give em your party code, you can also invite your friends to your party

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You do know, that devs are doing everything they can, to prevent speedrunning right ? as that is not how the game is supposed to be played :slight_smile:
So i deff do not thing they will add a feature for speedrunners to find other weird speedrunners to play with ;D

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If this is something they truly want, they have a funny way of showing it. If they truly wanted playing to bo speed run add a mechanic that rewards those who compete the whole dungeon. Rather then just run to the boss room once quests are complete. Right now the rewards go to those who speed run, this is the way they built the game, regardless of what they say.

This sounds like a good idea

I agree with this 100% have it so you can select your role as well as select the style of play you want to achieve in that dungeon. That being said if you want to speed run you click speed run. If you want to run every objective and run pack to pack click that one. Nice idea DeCarvalho :slight_smile: