Party level equalisation

Problem you’re trying to solve
I can’t play with my friends because the level difference is too big.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
The game punishes too much the large level difference between party members.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
There should be an option in the party settings;

  • Set the level of party members to the level of the lowest member
    ( “-x% damage and +x% damage taken” debuff for higher level players.)

I just want to piggyback on this. It is by far the worst problem and the latest update has compounded it immensely.

Assembling a team of randos at your level, particularly in the lower levels is basically not going to happen due to lack of total players. And they are randos anyway when you’d rather be playing with people you know.

To play with people you want to be playing with, you are constantly faced with the situation that somebody is getting really screwed in order to do so. Either the higher level players have to run beneath their level and get nothing, or the lower level players have to be dead weight and make almost no progress to tag along.

It’s fine to stop power leveling, but you have created a situation that just stops people from playing together.

There are probably several ways to create a simple short term solution (which is needed ASAP). You could simply cap XP for lower level players to what they would get from mobs at their level. So my level 10 gets mob level 10 XP when level 35 mobs go down, or even mob level 8-9 XP.

Ideally there would be a more complex approach where mobs are transparently scaled per-player to a max of like player level +5 giving XP of say a +1 mob.

The current system is basically designed in a way that excludes lower level players from higher level parties in order to prevent power leveling. It needs to be designed to include lower level players while preventing power leveling.


Good ideas guys, this certainly needs to be addressed. I added it to the list of things needed to make the game fun again:

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