Patch Feedback and Humble Opinions

First, I apologize for not using the given format - this is just a quick overview of my feelings and opinions of the latest patch with things that can be done to solve problems and get activity rocking. We know everyone is trying super hard to get these things right, thanks for reading this feedback. Lastly just want to say I feel like when I write it’s to everyone, the players, the community, this is not directed at one person or group like the big time dev team. These are just my humble opinions in a game feedback forum =)

With that said…

Clockie Dungeons - I think the idea here was to add a challenge for the highest/strongest players. Problem here is by using one of the best elite mobs in the game, and pasting him 200 times in the same map, it devalues the Clockie and the other elite mobs. We are less excited to see a Clockie in the other dungeons knowing we can run a dungeon filled with them. Suggested Solutions here is instead of so many mega clockies, make trash mobs surrounding mini boss clockies that are big and hard (3x-5 more HP than a normal clockie) and drop good loot. That way there are not so many clockies and the battles are unique and challenging to those more experienced 6 man raid groups.

Nerfs - About the Nerfs to Unstoppable Shout, Turrets, Refreshing Grenada, Whirlwind etc. Nerfs are never good, especially when they are heavy handed or perceived as drastic changes. I agree with every skill that was nerfed but I think it should have been done over time using small adjustments. Reason and advantage to this is because you may find out the first 1 or 2 small adjustments you made to “make it a little less strong or a little stronger” turned out to be received by the players as positive, and it solved the problem that needed to be solved. It’s important to start looking at how to BUFF classes to balance them. Could start with buffing all the nerfed skills a bit to where people want to use them again.

Class Balance - Time Warrior and Shadowblade mostly need the buffs to start and then Quantum Fixer. Chrono is already strong enough for now. Key class to fix for group content is the tank being able to tank and taunt and pull the aggro and protect the group from the mobs. Whirlwind could be put close back to what it was with the blue graphic, it never did anything versus shielded mobs and most higher level or elite mobs have shields. It was already nerfed at some point in Silver to not kill the higher level unshielded mobs outright, and that seemed pretty close to perfect. Making the whirlwind pull aggro was a great addition, buff this skill up a bit, make it do a bit more damage, put the blue graphic back, have it last a little longer, and I think people would use it again and love it.

Boss Rooms - We know this is on your radar for the next patch (or we think/hope it is), but we still feel it’s super important this is done right. I think you guys will nail the boss mob and the mechanics you put in place, I am more concerned with the actual room leading up to the boss at the end. We previously had the boss rooms with the Tank Bug/Clockie/Dinos map where you got one of those 3 maps at random, every part of how that was done was perfect. We had asked Buck why that Boss Room was changed to the “kill 5 targets” one but he said he did not know, so maybe that’s something we should figure out and if it was a mistake, what about bring back the old tank bug/clockie/dino boss rooms like we had in Silver? Is that a possibility?

Everything else in the patch was awesome and amazing work. Next patch has opportunity to be massive with Buffs, Bosses, and the potential return of our favorite boss rooms! I’m excited and we are lucky to have a community of passionate players and investors to help balance the game. Balancing is one of the hardest parts, and it doesn’t happen over night that’s for sure. I think small adjustments over time does solve the potential of raging backlash that ripples through the community and draws a negative vibe to an otherwise awesome patch. Buffs have the opposite positive effect, that’s why using Buffs to balance is a win/win for everyone. I think you are in a great position to start using buffs as the way to balance and small adjustments on any nerfs.

Closing thoughts, remember to be careful of “catering to elitists” and making the game harder for everyone, when it can be solved through high end 6 man raids done in form of a rare dungeon that only makes the game harder for those top 5% that need it and it doesn’t mess up the difficulty for the other 95% of the players. Thanks again, would love to hear comments and feedback from anyone that took the time to read this.


I installed the patch and played couple of hours last night with my QF class. I joined a random team and the first words I heard from team mates after greetings was “there will be no one playing this game soon”.

Here are some of my findings:

  1. bugs, more bugs. e.g. randomly seeing message on screen something like " pocket watch cannot be changed" (can’t remember exactly word by word). Team portal appears in the air and there is no way i can reach it.

  2. Scenes feel different (lower visual quality IMO). Have they been re-configered to cinematic mode or something to reduce hardware overloading? They feel less detailed than before, the coloring is not as attractive as before. Some wierd effects overwalmed my entire screen, horrible. Dead bodies of mega and giant clockies cover the floor look like “s**t”, and there is no way to know what the dropped items are.

  3. less fun in combats. The devs are so obsessed nerfing charactors. I heard no “fun” word but “f**k” word all the time. Previously when we failed a dungeon, we used to feel ashamed and extremely upset. Last night I played 3 dungeons with a random team, all ended with “You Failed”, 100% failure and no one complained. There are many things to enjoy in life than getting defeated constantly in bigtime. Lv 47 TW won’t survive 5 seconds in physical battle with unstoppable shot. QF summoned a torrent and gets wipped immediately. Once healing and refreshing skills are used it takes forever to cooldown and the QF just stands there like an idiot and waiting to be killed. I don’t see any SB around. Everyone else is a Chrono. This is NOT the way to balance a game. The solution is exactly as Blazo suggested, make TW weak in magical skills is fine, but make sure TANKing and Physical combat shines. Make SB as fast and sneaky as possible, and it is ok to be weak.

  4. the only positive thing I have gathered is that there is no more soul drain problem? anyways, this is pre-alpha, if the community feels less wanting to continue playing then so be it. Let’s keep our hope for BigTime and most importantly for our Investment!

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some screenshots to add to my previous reply

Uploading: Big Time [5507f7] Screenshot 2022.10.01 -…

Agree. Recent “rebalancing” was just not it. I don’t know if they even do internal testing before they deploy a patch, and this one doesn’t give me confidence in them.

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Hey guys! Thanks for all this! Like autumnwind said, its a pretty early state for the game, the team is working insanely hard to make it the best they can, this is the perfect time for feedback! I really hope you guys enjoy whats coming up, and will continue to enjoy! :slight_smile:


No editing yet, one day, but! I did forget to add, I have indeed gotten everything here that hasn’t been logged yet! :slight_smile: