Patch Notes - BT Version 0.1 (Hotfix)

Version 0.1 Hotfix (May 9th, 2022 9 PM PST)

  • Improved feedback when the party wipes
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the revive UI to become stuck on screen
  • Fixed overlapping issues with Pocketwatch selection (Timelines)
  • Set a new default chat tab if you are not in a party
  • Fixed issue with Heavy Cyber Pirates registering hits on their lower extremities
  • Fixed mob names getting (dead) added to them erroneously in the damage log
  • Fixed the SHOP sign not rotating for some vendors in the overworld
  • Fixed name of Warrior Trainer in Time’s End
  • Fixed some ability effect particle systems that were rotated the wrong way.
  • Fixed collected flowers not disappearing when interacted with
  • Fix narrative pawns not being cleaned up in some cases in Time’s End
  • Fixed several Titles having the wrong Title text applied in-game
  • Fixed two handed weapon stance missing heavy and small hit reacts
  • Fixed canisters and loot chests blocking the camera
  • Fix BarbarianShout using the incorrect damage curve
  • Fixed several Two-Handed NFT weapon meshes that had the wrong grip offset
  • Fix up things going into bags when they could be equipped instead
  • Fixed Elite turrets not having their intended golden material
  • Fix issues with Mega Clockies who are left to get back up after being knocked down
  • Several client crashes have been fixed
  • Fix summoned mobs not decaying over time as intended
  • Fix Lord of the Dead ability not functioning as intended
  • Fire trap in ice dungeons will now be more deadly as it was intended to be
  • Fixed a bug where equipment able to be worn due to stat increases on other equipment could become displaced if the player took off equipment required to wear that item


  • Skip updating AI influence maps in the overworld (Time’s End) to improve server performance
  • Avoid updating player pawn meshes when it’s not necessary
  • Reduced overhead for computing damage indicators and updating foliage
  • Fix fauna in overworld (Time’s End) not getting cleaned up and bringing server performance down over time
  • Avoid doing extra work on the server to update melee lock-on target display
  • Avoid updating mine points in Time’s End when not needed
  • Move several objects to tick in parallel with physics updates


  • Vfx- Heal Beam Reticle Size Parameter — Added a parameter to adjust the scale in + X for this reticle, so instead of moving it away from the caster the reticle can be scaled until it reaches its target.
  • Vfx — Frost Spells — Some particles systems were marked as local space when they should be world space. Some particles were popping out of existence where they should gently fade away.
  • Vfx — Minor devolve FX — Visual effects to “Devolve” ability. Fx on the caster and one effect for the enemy afflicted by this debuff.
  • Vfx — Unstopoble shout fix — Fixed several Systems that had an wrong offset where it would make the effect clipping through the ground.
  • Vfx — Decal for AOE — Visual effect feedback to better represent the radius and target of abilities.
  • Vfx — Aoe Decal Loop — Set the decal to play infinitely
  • Vfx — Glacial Entomb fix — Fixed the rotation orientation on the snow meshes for this ability.
  • Vfx — Visual effects to “Devolve” ability. Fx on the caster and one effect for the enemy afflicted by this debuff.
  • Vfx — New visual effect for Chronomancer`s Energy Ball ability.
  • Vfx- New visual effects feedback for Big Pirate Anchor attacks.
  • Vfx — Chronomancer`s energy ball now have a trail.
  • Vfx- New visual effects feedback for Big Pirate attacks.
  • Vfx — Better visual feedback for devolve ability.
  • Vfx — Visual feedback for Summoner Overling swipe attack.
  • Vfx — Visual feedback for Rend ability when it breaks the right defense layer.
  • Staff loot mesh replaced
  • Adjusted colors of character models so that they don’t become washed out in bright areas
  • Fixed glowing Gastropods
  • Fixed 2Handed Sword NFTs being held incorrectly
  • Fixed some cases of floating trees in Time’s End
  • Time’s End has new clouds


  • Improved visual look of Big Cyber Pirate chain physics simulation
  • Overworld hub servers no longer need to shut themselves down every 6 hours