Patch Notes - BT Version 0.12

:rotating_light: Patch Version 0.12 ( Live: May 16th, 2022 6:26 PM PST)


  • Lord of the dead: Change scaling of dead bodies to damage (starts strong but then scales damage slower than before)
  • Made several boss-type mobs less polite about picking attack locations with other AI
  • Fixed TRex not being able to connect with its intended attack targets reliably
  • Raptors now have a heavy attack


  • Adding Scared Idle for Evermore Cadet NPCs who are lost
  • Modified Barbarian Leap buildup animation
  • Extended Idle animations when in Inventory Screen
  • Swapped various animations in abilities to match the abilities better


  • Players can now loot items while sprinting
  • “Invert mouse” option has been added to settings for all your inverted players
  • Buffs granted from emotes around trees will now persist longer
  • A new “return to town” item has been added to the game
  • When performing emotes, weapons will now “phase” in and out when they are hidden/unhidden
  • Holding ALT while sprinting allows you to rotate the camera around the character without changing direction
  • Botanical research flowers now turn blue on interaction start and fade out on interaction end
  • The Whirlwind ability has been changed to be more responsive to the player’s button release
  • Camera shake on exploding enemies has been strengthened


  • VFX — Each collection of cosmetic NFTs now has a new unique particle system associated with it. Your NFTs now look cooler :slight_smile:
  • VFX — Mage staff swing particles have been improved
  • VFX — Melee swing particles have been improved
  • VFX — Time Warrior ability “Lord of the Dead” has a new range indicator and a new effect on players to better show its functionality.
  • Fixed issue with skylight in Time’s End lighting. Some settings had been altered, causing the shadows to be too dark.


  • A new “Desert” adventure tileset has been added to the game, and higher-level portals leading to it have been added to Time’s End
  • New breakable objects have been added to Time’s End and elsewhere
  • Adventure instances now have zone names


  • Added Inventory filter for items that are not equip-able
  • Item requirements text now wraps
  • The Portal icon has been updated and will now appear on the compass
  • Picking up gold will now display the amount picked up in the notification bar
  • Players can now unequip items by right-clicking them
  • Party invites will now persist on-screen for longer, so they are more obvious


  • Fixed no sound playing on items moved in bags
  • Added sound when unequipping items


  • Fixed several instances of impact and explosion particle effects being oriented incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue with Party chat notification not being cleared properly
  • Show the name of the last zone you entered and didn’t leave when leaving a zone
  • Fixed issue with Dual Wield Swords sometimes playing the wrong Heavy attack
  • Fixed some cases where boss battles did not end up with any bosses spawning
  • Fixed some instances of portals spawning in the ocean
  • Fixed some cases of pocket watch icons disappearing when attempting to drop with ctrl
  • Fixed an issue that caused the icon and name of full heal to be different in the skill tree and the hotbar.
  • Fixed the chat prompt being closed if only one word was typed in
  • Fixed some abilities not been shown when changing timepieces
  • Fixed lower level mobs summoned by summoner mobs not ‘decaying’ with time as intended
  • Fixed dead/spectating players being considered “idle.”
  • Fixed some issues that could cause assets around portals to be sunk into the ground
  • Fixed an issue where zone names would be displayed twice
  • Fixed drinking potions while not holding any weapons
  • Fixed an issue that caused some skill information not to be accurate
  • Fixed an issue where Trash/Favorite icons disappear when swapping equipment with right-click
  • Fixed pocket watch gears not displaying “cant equip” X when changing timelines
  • Fixed some issues that could cause players with extensive inventories with many pocketwatches+bags to appear without equipment for themselves, but correct to other players
  • Fixed issues related to canceling connections to servers


  • Fixed AI objects for fauna in the overworld accumulating over time and eventually slowing down Time’s End server instances
  • Several other server performance optimizations for AI, weather, and others
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