Patch Notes - BT Version 0.2 (Ruby Early Access Pass Update)

Special note: ALL prior player save data will be reset for this patch


  • Fixed an issue that could lead to dungeons taking longer than expected to join
  • Fixed dungeons being join-able after the final boss round was complete (during loot timer)
  • Fixed enemy hit effects not playing reliably in some cases
  • Loot chests will no longer drop loot off of ledges in some cases
  • Fixed several types of items being encrypted that were not intended to be
  • Fixed issues with already opened loot chests
  • Fixed several areas where players could get out of world
  • Fixed a bug that could cause skill and stat points not to be awarded upon level-up in some situations
  • Fixed issues with chat UI input remaining active after the menu was closed
  • Fixed a bug that would cause accepted party invites to display invite canceled
  • Fixed some cases of floating props near portals in the overworld
  • Fixed issues with rotating fire traps applying damage out of sync with the visuals of the trap
  • Fixed a bug causing previously equipped NFTs to display incorrect title/text information
  • Fixed various issues with chat window focus
  • Fixed zone names not displaying correctly in some cases
  • Fixed various rare client crashes
  • Fixed not being able to right click to use consumables when they were placed in a bag


  • Performance cost of many particle systems in the game has been reduced


  • Gold penalty on death has been increased
  • Taking damage from ailments/traps/etc will now break players out of rest
  • Higher level items now have a better chance of rolling affixes
  • Fire traps in ice dungeons are now much more deadly, but can be disabled
  • Summon is no longer allowed during combat and has been given a longer cooldown
  • Summon and One Way Ticket to Town can no longer be cast when airborne
  • The drop rates for various consumables has been reduced
  • The amount of health and energy given by higher level gear has been tweaked
  • Loot tables have been adjusted across all enemies
  • The amount of gold dropped by mobs has been reduced
  • The prices vendors are willing to pay when buying player items has been reduced
  • Backstab ability is now much more likely to connect with the target
  • Minor Heal, Superior Heal, Full Heal, Instant Revive, Smite, Rend, Rend Shielding, Rend Armor, Rend Barriers, Fireblast now grow their max targeting range with ability level
  • Whirlwind functionality and balance has been tuned significantly
  • Arcane storm can no longer be blocked or dodged
  • Tweaked when movement cancels combos for dual wield weapons


  • T-Rex has a new attack animation and is more prevalent throughout the game
  • Many ability cast animations have been updated and improved


  • Players can now find “Artifact Fragments” throughout the world which can be exchanged in town at a special vendor for a chance at NFTs and other rewards
  • New gear has been added to the game which replaces some of the earlier gear players could find in the world. These have all-new appearances that further distinguish this gear from the more rare NFT gear players are able to equip
  • Players can now unlock waypoints through the overworld. If a player dies they will be taken to the closest unlocked waypoint to where they died
  • Gold will now automatically be looted when players approach close enough
  • Players can now hold a key (V by default) to display information about all loot in the area
  • Portals that are one-way will now require holding interact to enter to avoid accidental portal entry
  • Avenger will now correctly improve as more points are spent on it
  • Rend skills now have 10 levels of potential upgrades
  • All quests now have some dialog text associated with them explaining what to do
  • Added predefined scenes that player cameras will be snapped to during portal transitions
  • Assets that get very near the camera will fade out to avoid occluded player view
  • Several new types of quests have been introduced offering different objectives for

players to complete while adventuring in dungeons.

New quest types include:

  • Soul Drain
    • Players must lure in and finish off enemies within the soul drain zones that move around throughout the zone
  • Corrupted portals
    • Players discover and overcome a mysterious challenge involving corrupted portals
  • Mighty Trials
    • Players assist Einstein to collect data by using player abilities against enemies in dungeons
  • Emote station challenge
    • Players can encounter an unusual type of quest throughout their adventure
  • Mine some ore
    • Players will occasionally encounter quests encouraging them to find and mine ore throughout the map


  • Ancient Monitors have many new abilities in their toolbox to use during combat

  • New AI Type added: Drone poison billower Drone bug that drops poisonous area denial objects in its wake

  • New AI type added: Biceratops

  • New AI type added: Mecha T-Rex

  • AI will occasionally play a celebrate animation if they knock a player down


  • VFX for Arcane Storm have been improved
  • VFX for defensive layer have been improved
  • Looting coins now has fancy new VFX
  • VFX for portal surprise have been improved
  • VFX for Into the Frey have been improved
  • VFX have been added for all the various types of shrines throughout the world
  • VFX for overling whirlwind has been improved
  • VFX for heal drones have been improved
  • VFX have been added for bleed and player damage
  • VFX have been improved for backstab
  • VFX for fixer drone have been improved
  • VFX for shuriken and shuriken fan have been improved
  • VFX for backstab have been improved
  • VFX for ninja hamstring ability have been improved
  • New loot VFX for potions have been added
  • VFX for overling attacks have been improved
  • VFX for caltrops on time warrior have been improved
  • Forcefields now have smooth edges instead of the hard square edges previously
  • VFX for devolve have been improved
  • VFX for frost nova have been improved
  • VFX for arcane storm have been improved
  • VFX for glacial entombment precast have been improved
  • Vignette Damage has now a less intense visual than before
  • VFX for adrenaline has been improved


  • New Dungeon Type: The Syphon
    • The Syphon is a strange alien power station with unique challenges players must discover and overcome. These include some interesting navigation mechanics and puzzles and a very different visual style
  • Forest dungeons now have various states of weather and lighting that will appear and many other visual improvements
  • More portals have been added to the seashore area
  • Marsh water has been adjusted to be consistent with other water that is safe to walk in


  • A new feature was added which allows parties to ‘ping’ a location in the world and indicate to others an enemy, player or spot in the world of interest
  • Minimap is active in the overworld and most dungeons, providing better situational awareness and guidance for players exploring the world. Many important objects in the world appear on the minimap as well, such as vendors, NPCs, and party members
  • A new user experience has been added to help players select from several emotes more easily
  • Devolve now has a new icon
  • Players are now encouraged to play in dungeons with a party the first time they enter one
  • New class portrait icons have been added
  • Abilities will now display more information about their status in the UI
  • A character stat panel has been added to display your current stats
  • Fixed some spelling errors in the UI. Shoutout llebnhoj5891 and maxoflem!
  • Party damage text now looks distinct from enemy damage text
  • Added the ability to bind to input axes as well as buttons
  • It is now possible to drop items by dragging immediately to the left of the inventory area (as well as areas it was previously possible to drop items)
  • Summoned decoys now display the name of the summoner
  • Fixed audio slider background bar not updating with position of slider
  • Players can now view objective progress when dead/spectating


  • Potions now have proper inventory movement sounds
  • Overling audio cues have been tuned and improved
  • Fixed an issue causing blizzard caster sounds to play on all clients

Wow thats a lot of new stuff! Thankssssssssssssssss. The future looks bright.


Very sweet patch

was waiting for this

very excited for these balances and changes!

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Finally, that bug has been ruining the game for me. Thanks support/dev team!

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really a lot of stuff for Ruby.

Please fix the camera so it doesn’t auto zooms when running and in combat , it’s really annoying.

Good job ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: bigtime

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perfect, we look forward to it.

Amazing update so glad a lot of the concerns of the community were addressed in this one. keep up the amazing work.


Since the latest patch I cannot connect. I get a message that says “looking for gateways” and it lasts forever and it´s all brickwalled from there. I tried the option to repair the launcher but it did no good. Please advise ASAP.

How do i download big time

You need a ruby pass to play. You can get one from twitch giveaways.

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