Patch Notes - BT Version 0.21 (Ruby Hotfix #2)

Version 0.21 Hotfix


  • Fixed a long-standing issue allowing gear to be worn (and apply stat bonuses) when the player did not meet the requirements to do so
  • Fixed a bug preventing Artifact Fragments from dropping in many cases
  • Fixed Arsenal Gate being called an ‘Armory”


  • Players are no longer allowed to swap Timelines/Pocket Watches from within dungeon instances
  • Many higher end items now have Player Rank requirements as well as stat requirements
  • Various loot chests around the game will not be accessible to under-ranked players
  • Loot tables from Loot Chest have been tweaked and split between boss chests and others
  • Enemies of a significantly higher level than the attacking player will now mitigate damage much more aggressively
  • Melee jump attacks have been adjusted to be less powerful in certain scenarios

You are best!!!

WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! “Players are no longer allowed to swap Timelines/Pocket Watches from within dungeon instances”. Why is this being done? This made the game unique and was a great play style to swap as needed. It was also used as a point in the past to talk the game up. Heart breaking.


To be honest i feel like this was needed. People would swap freely whenever they wanted too and that shouldn’t be a thing. You shouldn’t be able to swap on the fly INSIDE a dungeon. Outside yes it was sweet but on the fly like that was a bit much i guess. Mainly because it made dungeons longer IE people would loot on multiple toons making it so they would stockpile gold. GOLD shouldn’t be as easy obtainable as it is either that’s just my opinion. Everything has VALUE in a sense. Being able to flip a class on the fly like that potentially just brought in an abundance more gold into the economy. Yes gold doesn’t have much purpose yet but i’m sure it will in the future. OH and another thing it made dungeons way too long. Trust me i would do this exact method and i know it would annoy people but i didn’t even mean to annoy them i just wanted to make sure i was min maxing properly.

Keep up the great work Big Time development team ya’ll are killing it!!!

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Love to see it!! Great work Big Time Team!!!

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I completely disagree, I became accustomed to helping the team and to accomplish objectives by swapping pocket watches in dungeon. It was a great and fun playstyle. In my case it made the dungeon much more efficient at completing objectives and progressing. Gold is by no means obtained easily , losing 5k at a time.


yikes… i understand the need for the change, but i logged in and basically couldnt use my character anymore, so basically a character wipe back to lvl 0… couldnt use a single item, my pocket watch or my bags

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That’s because there is ranks now. A common t3 watch rank is 21 as an example. A legendary t3 however is rank 27. So as the watch progresses the rank changes. Hope that helps!

Suggestion : the skill gears should be based on rank not current pw level. This makes it justifiable for alternate timelines or pocketwatch feature. Or else the pw features becomes just a ‘add new character’ to start from scratch and there will be nothing special about it…

This hotfix is to further balance the game, but the hotfix itself needs to be balanced. I.E. While the balancing is too harsh on existing players, this hotfix could have also offered more fun improvements to reduce the pain caused by the balancing. One example is to improve the boss room experience. Another issue is the removal of the ability to change pocketwatch inside dungeon. It seems pointless to me. Overall I have been playing almost everyday since silver EAL started even after the reset. But now I feel like taking a break until next hotfix, and I hope next hotfix is all about fun. This is my personal feeling.

However I do respect the team’s effort of attempting to improve game balancing. Be assured that the team’s hardworking is appreciated by most of us players.


Overall, I think this hotfix was needed and I applaud the team’s efforts at balancing.

However, would you please allow us to at least temporarily access existing bags & inventory on our higher Tier PWs? My lower level PWs and lower level gear are in bags that I can’t get to following the patch. This has forced me to start over at Tier0. I don’t believe that was the intent.

Even a 10 minute grace period to access these would be helpful. Thanks for listening, going back to grinding now.

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For my personal opinion I think that common items should have lower pocket watch lvl requirement and the XP has the XP distribution got also bit lower? Lastly dungeons running with same level and lover levels distribute same XP playing lower dungeon more wise option other than playing dungeon with your same lvl.

This hotfix is making the gaming experience less fun, I remember when I started playing, you could find a really nice pocket watch that would give you different abilities and with the money you earn at dungeons you would buy really nice equipment so you have an advantage on dungeons, now you need to lvl up your rank to use better pocket watch but also you need to lvl up the pocket watch to use better equipment, so if I start from 0, i have to lvl up a tier 0 pocket watch, lvl 0 weapons, and if I manage to get to rank lvl 25 so I can get a better pocketwatch I have to sell all my equipment because the new pocketwatch would be lvl 0. Why make it open world then, why do we have the choice to go to a higher lvl dungeon if the equipment there would not work for us, whats the point of earning money if you cant buy higher level weapons or equipment that would help a lot? I personally don’t see a balance here, I see monotony and dull game.
Also when you die even if you die in the tutorial dungeon you still get deducted 5k gold, how about you change those deductions based on your rank or dungeon lvl? i guess it doesnt matter that much because now gold is not so usefull tho.


Great suggestion, this is absolutely needed

I support all your suggestions. It felt like torture to me playing through the extra-large trainer dungeon and got killed in the boss room. It was after the last wipe. The team needs to understand the necessity of making beginning of the game enjoyable. This has been suggested in multiple places, hope we see some nice changes soon.

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Yep, the whole point of having pocket watches was to be able to switch timelines during combat. Now this game is just like any other random mmorpg except you have to loot your characters and restart everything once you find a better one. Its simply just disrespectful of players times…

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