Patch Notes - BT Version 0.22 (Ruby)

Version 0.22 (Totally not a hotfix)

**Note, these will likely be updated with more items

  • Update 1: Added few more items + thanks to reporting players**


  • Fixed some cases of The Syphon dungeons not having a boss room
  • Fixed a duplicate and unnecessary decal appearing for cold aura drone bugs
  • Town portal display text has been adjusted to be more legible
  • Fixed ‘pair of boots’ icon showing up briefly when summoned by a party member
  • Fixed Soul Drain not providing all the rewards intended to be given upon completion
  • Fixed non-hostile enemies counting for “kill enemy” objectives
  • Fix damage applied from ice and fire auras not working as intended
  • Fix some aspects of Devolve not scaling with level
  • Fixed a bug that could allow players to assign a Vendor’s consumables to the hotbar
  • Fixed audio settings reverting to max when the previous setting was 0
  • Fixed Ping SFX setting not persisting through game launches
  • Fixed some cases of the timeline screen not refreshing when it should have been
  • Fixed chat sounds playing when you send messages yourself
  • Fixed incorrect label on Mines
  • Fixed minimap markers sometimes coming giant sized and covering the whole map
  • Fixed previous information not being cleared from the UI when items were decrypted
  • Fixed issues with party members going missing when entering dungeon portals
  • Fixed some cases of item tooltips not updating correctly when a backing attribute changes
  • Fixed revived sound playing when players bleed out when waiting to be revived
  • Fixed the player “paper doll” in the inventory screen appearing blurry in some circumstances
  • Fixed some cases where player healthbars were not visible when they should have been (ie, when a Fixer has a healing spell targeting)
  • Fixed some types of Fauna being considered “real” enemies and preventing nearby chests from being opened
  • Fixed a rare bug that could allow old player save data to overwrite new save data in certain circumstances
  • Fix some player attributes not getting updated correctly when player level changes
  • Fixed DBNO post process not activating in some cases
  • Fixed issues that arose from bad placement of Soul Drains in various dungeons [thanks Finn & Maps]
  • Fixed party HUD showing party members as alive when they were DBNO or dead
  • Fixed inventory sometimes being auto sorted by default when it should not have been
  • Fixed running away from Fauna causing them to be considered killed for some question objectives
  • Fixed AI continuing to look at on invisible/smoke poof’d players when they should not have been
  • Fixed an issue where Destroy Trash was not destroying all marked items
  • Fixed issues with large parties all running through teleport mirrors in The Syphon at the same time
  • Fixed fire trap showing as active for players that joined the dungeon after it was disabled
  • Fixed player EXP bar showing —/— in some rare circumstances
  • Fixed bags not displaying how many slots they provide when on the ground
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the mouse to disappear when exiting the settings menu
  • Fixed being able to “double dip” on skill tree upgrades that used the same points more than once [thanks Blazo & Morkai]
  • Fixed some potions having unique cooldowns that were not intended to
  • Fixed various issues with the “Tank” subtree


  • Quest length and complexity have been reduced in The Syphon dungeons
  • Exp reward reduction for players in parties of very different levels has been relaxed somewhat to allow a wider level range
  • Aura enemies will no longer appear below level 25
  • Cannoneer will no longer spawn below level 20
  • Cyber Pirate Bruiser no longer spawns below level 25
  • Shuriken has had its damage increased
  • Fixed heal abilities’ heal output not being affected by player stats as intended [thanks Kingperrin1]
  • Gold cap has been increased by a lot
  • Rewards for Artifact Fragments have been reworked to be a bit more interesting
  • Length of all dungeons has been reduced
  • Players can no longer cast Into the Frey when in the air
  • 1H hammer jump attack AOE radius has been reduced
  • Number of portals found in the overworld has been increased
  • Cooldown on Full Heal has been increased
  • Gold death penalty has been made more lenient for lower-level players
  • Refreshing grenade has been nerfed
  • Higher level abilities will now generally require more energy to activate
  • Base Ground movement speed has been normalized across all classes. Time Warriors are no longer slower, Shadow blades are no longer faster
  • Agility’s contribution to movement speed has been reduced from 100% to 25%


  • New potion type: Panacea - cures all ailments
  • New potion type: Warding - grants temporary immunity to all ailments
  • Shrine VFX colors have been updated to be more consistent with what game effects they apply
  • Some consumables have been renamed for clarity and brevity
  • Potions now have their own loot mesh
  • Canisters now explode a bit more energetically when smashed
  • T-Rex tailsmash animation has been improved
  • Various non-AI objects in game can now be damaged by all spells (ie canisters can be damaged by fireblast)
  • Underlings can now fire flaming daggers at the player
  • Added “safe zones” to all dungeons where Pocket Watch changes are allowed
  • A “boss chest” will now appear at the end of a dungeon once all objectives have been cleared
  • Healbeam now supports “hold to cast” aka Quick cast
  • Gear level requirements are now a more lenient range (e.g. a level 24 item can be worn by level 20+)
  • It is no longer possible to sell favorited items via right-clicking [thanks okeoke]
  • Portals guarded by enemies can no longer be entered until the nearby enemies are killed
  • Dead players cameras will now orbit their teammates instead of being free flying [thanks Sneaky]
  • Camera shake on exploding clockies has been reduced dramatically
  • Players joining dungeons Solo will now be automatically placed in a party with other players in that dungeon
  • Fortify Gate now visually changes when players enter it to give some indication of cooldown status
  • Some chests are now Mimics. Have fun :slight_smile:
  • Some special “madness mode” portals have been added with various surprises within
  • New “spicy” canisters with a surprise when smashed have been added to the game


  • Big Che now performs a ground barrage attack
  • Some AI can now cast a “Fire Prison” ability that deals damage to anything touching the flames


  • Invisibility cast animation has been improved
  • VFX for summoner Overlings and Underlings have been improved
  • VFX for black hole below the Syphon dungeon have been improved
  • VFX for Arcane Storm have been improved
  • VFX for Blizzard have been improved
  • VFX for Tank Bug shockwave have been improved
  • VFX for when players are within energy stealer radius have been added
  • VFX for Fixer Gates have been improved
  • Reviving players at the revive shrine now plays fancy new VFX
  • VFX when hit by Ice damage have been improved
  • VFX for corruption projectile have been improved
  • VFX for Big Che landing have been improved
  • VFX for Frostball have been improved
  • VFX for Big Che cigar trail have been added
  • Display of defensive layer VFX have been improved for larger enemies
  • VFX for Fortify have been improved
  • VFX for Matnis projectiles have been improved
  • VFX for Avenger ability have been improved
  • VFX for Rogue Mantis have been improved
  • VFX associated with casting Rend have been improved
  • Various projectiles now spawn impact decals on surfaces where they explode
  • VFX for Cleanse gate have been improved
  • VFX for MegaClockie aiming reticle have been improved


  • A new dungeon tileset has been added to the game: Rift Forest
  • Enemies in the boss arena of open-sky dungeons will now match the max level of that dungeon instance more closely
  • Some purple bushes in the open-sky dungeons have been weeded and replaced with rocks for a bit better experience
  • Various collision and visual issues in the ice castle of Time’s End have been fixed
  • Fixed many spots in dungeons where players could get into areas they were not intended to
  • Various tiles for all dungeon types that were not showing up, will now show up as intended. This adds a bit more variety to all dungeons
  • Cyberpirate crash sites now look more like a crash site


  • All new Party UI has been added to the game
  • Icons now appear on the HUD indicating when you can and can not change Pocket Watches
  • Icons for various consumable items have been improved
  • Icons for Rings and Amulets have been improved
  • Colorblindness options have been added to the game (check settings menu)
  • Party leaders will now have a visual indicator that they are the leader
  • Many status effects have had new icons created, or icons added if they were missing
  • Translations into non-English languages have been updated and improved
  • Locked skills will no longer display a tooltip
  • Adjusted how Threat Rating stat changes are displayed to be less confusing
  • Items that can not be sold will now display an icon indicating as such
  • Full screen text displayed when players die in the overworld has been updated to be less confusing
  • Party leaders can now promote someone else to be the leader via the party UI
  • Critical Damage is now more obvious when it occurs [thanks Basel07]
  • Fixer gate buffs icons have been improved
  • Rank and Class are now displayed above other members of the party’s head as well as for non party members
  • Damage text for Party Members now looks different than normal damage text to help distinguish it visually
  • Wording and stat information in skills tooltip have been changed to be a bit less confusing
  • Loot UI elements will now collapse to be much smaller during combat to free up screen real-estate during the frey [thanks Cryptogaming]
  • When trading with the Artifact Fragment vendor, the resulting reward will now be displayed separately making it more clear when you got
  • Healthbars will now show when spectating
  • Poison Aura status effect now has an icon displayed on the HUD when active
  • Leave Party and Close buttons now separate on Party UI [thanks Thundarr]


  • Poison aura SFX have been improved
  • Poison impact SFX have been improved
  • Biceratops and Raptors’ SFX have been improved
  • Ambient sounds have been added or improved throughout the game
  • T-Rex SFX have been improved
  • Dodge SFX have been improved
  • Vendors now have SFX associated with their movements
  • Megaclockie footstep SFX have been improved
  • Tank bug footstep SFX have been improved
  • Various items now have unique drop sounds when dropped on the ground
  • Tree of Life now has more SFX for despawn/spawnin etc
  • SFX for Mage staff Light and Heavy attacks have been improved
  • Warp teleporters now have SFX associated with them
  • Activating traps have had their SFX improved
  • Ambient SFX have been added to Ice Caves
  • Isopod SFX have been added
  • SFX for Shuriken ability have been improved
  • SFX for Portals have been improved
  • SFX for ChronoMancer Fireballs have been improved
  • SFX will now play when a player leaves or joins a party
  • SFX for Energy Ball have been improved
  • SFX have been added to Flare
  • SFX for ailments have been improved
  • SFX for blocked and mitigated attacks have been improved

wow thats long
thx buck

Wow pretty small patch this time. :stuck_out_tongue: :joy: Amazing work I am super excited for the community to try this update out!!!


This was a very well needed update but at the same time I knew i could put my trust into the development team. It’s just. Development does not happen over night folks and a lot of people need to understand that. We as the players need to help strive to make this community a better place because THEY are trying to make the game a better environment for us all so we should be helping out the best we can as well. That being said we owe a big around of applause for these guys and girls behind the scenes because they certainly put in the time and effort! Keep it up Big Time Team Ya’ll are doing a good job.


Thanks a lot for this update!
Items need to have the option to LOCK it, to avoid be dropped or sold, because i sold/drop a Pocket for accident, me best Pocket </3

When will be it available? im new

I actually didn’t notice the shout out until my friend showed me, thank you Big Time team! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Can we get some real figures here? It looks like right now there is about a 10 level spread. Will this be increased to 15? maybe 20? Or is this percentage based? Need to know if I need to make a new pocket watch to play with some of my friends or not.


Thanks for update.
Please also fix aggro of mobs. Luring/taunting mobs atm is a crazy stuff. Especially on low lvl dungeons.

when is the update?, you don’t put day or date, where can you look at it because in the forum there is no way to see anything, thanks

it was said that today they gonna implement the patch into the game, i checked discord and there is no any announcement yet.

thanks you bro

Im downloading it right now, check ur client mate!

the reset of the skills does not work, the one of the stats does work, the potion of teleporting to the party does not work either, at the moment they are the errors that I saw,

fix the skill points reduce when resetting I’m level 40 and have 25 skill points after resetting my skill points

ok I was wrong, it does work to reset the skills and the tp thanks

Where is this number of portals increase?
Looks like the number of portals is the same

seems that way as well. but really hard for us to know if it was or not… i would say waste and ice and no mans all seem to have the same density of portals per area… idk about forest dont ever go there

This is an inspiring amount of work you guys have done in this patch!

I really like the updated.
Sadly some things were broken or changes not working: Portals is the same and Warrior character has been killed, lot of players are now using Chronomancer due to his high power, instead of their high lvl warrior. Lvl 30/40+Warrior are thinking what other char to play.