Perfect Boss Room (In my Opinion)

Problem you’re trying to solve
I want to first say Buck has said multiple times that they are working on making the Boss Rooms better. I wanted to be patient and wait until we saw an update, but I figured there is no reason to hold this back because I have thought this out all the way through. Problem is the current Boss Rooms offer an underwhelming experience after doing so much work to get there. It’s critical they nail the perfect boss room experience so people feel good about all the time and work it takes to get to the boss rooms, and they have a fun experience every time, making them want to run dungeons over and over without getting bored.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
I think it’s important the Boss Rooms have actual bosses. Killing the targets does not feel like a Boss, because there are many of them. Boss should be singular, you fight it alone. It is big, and hits hard, has lot’s of HP and maybe even a unique mechanic that you should be aware to help defeat them. Bosses should also be a way to check your gear. Because they hit hard and have more hit points, you can get a real sense as to how strong you are when you fight them. Big Time is lacking these single target battle experiences where everyone focuses on one super strong mob.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience

First thing is, we should be asked to kill all the targets. We don’t like getting 20 Targets in the Boss Rooms and only able to kill 5 of them. That’s not satisfying.

Once all the Targets are dead, it would say Mission Complete and there would be a text message that comes on the screen that says something like “Boss Room has been opened…” Killing all the targets is the mission to open the Boss Room Door that let’s you fight the Boss.

At this point, you can collect your loot and leave the dungeon, or you could go try and kill the Boss for extra loot/rewards.

All dungeons would have a common boss and a rare spawn boss. I think this is important to add to the excitement of clearing dungeons so you are “hunting” for the rare spawn boss.

As an example, 80% of the time you will get the common boss, who could be a bigger version of the feature mob, for example a large tank bug, clockie, dinosaur etc. and has a different color scheme to make him look different. 20% of the time you would get the rare boss that is a unique model and has a unique mechanic. Rare boss would be noticeably harder than the common boss and would drop better loot.

In the case of the Tank Bug Boss Room, the Rare Boss could be that awesome new Tank Bug model we all got excited about when Buck leaked it, thinking it was a boss mob. His special mechanic could be shooting missiles out of the turrets on his back. They target a random player, and a red circle appears, and players have to dash/move out of it, or the missiles will do a lot of damage and likely kill them if they don’t move. Frontal horn attack would be extra powerful with more range meaning the Time Warrior has to taunt the Boss and keep its back to the rest of the party.

Single target Boss fights should rely on Tanks keeping aggro, Healers keeping the tank alive, and everyone else doing DPS avoiding aggro and the boss mechanics to stay alive. These encounters are super fun and let the role of each class stand out. This is an experience we are currently missing, we love fighting lots of mobs at the same time, but we would love doing these super hard single target boss mob fights.

When the boss is defeated, he could drop a loot chest for effect, and there would be a minimum of some rare items for the common boss, and minimum of some epic items for the rare boss. Both bosses would also have an increased chance to drop higher rarity items and NFTs and artifact fragments (nothing crazy for NFT side, slight increase over the normal target mobs would be fine).

If there was a way to add unique loot to these bosses, that would be amazing. I have not thought this out fully yet, but that would add another level of fun and purpose to running dungeons and clearing boss rooms. Bosses could drop a rare quest item or crafting item that you could only get from killing Boss mobs. Especially if the rare boss had special loot that was rare (drops 10% of the time). That’s what drives us to run this stuff over and over without getting bored. That excitement of defeating the rare boss and getting his rare drop you can’t get anywhere else would be next level fun.

Thanks so much to the dev team, you guys are killing it and we appreciate all your hard work. I hope this feedback was helpful to guide you in the right direction to making the boss rooms the most fun they can be!


Awesome Blazo
And the Boss should have many skills, such as frozen, winding, fireball, thats means maybe it has all skills you have

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Sometimes the boss is a huge SB, sometimes its a chrono, sometimes its a TW, and it has all skills you have, maybe more skills than you.(maybe more horrible and ugly)

Great idea Blazo, I have always wanted to open a post on this topic, many of your points are brilliant, e.g. the bad ass big boss, here are some of my findings and ideas.

  1. A boss should stay inside the boss room. At the moment we seeing the bosses all over the place, inside and outside the boss room.

  2. A boss should be the hardest to defeat. At the moment, there are super strong mobs with flying arms, the bugs, flying mini clockies, and a lot of cyber pirates that are way harder to kill than bosses like T-Rex, Tankbug, and mega clockies.

  3. Boss room should be desirable. Players should expect more fun and different mobs in the boss room. At the moment once we enter a dungeon we know immediately what the boss room is going to be. The only purpose to open the boss room is NFTs. Often we feel more disappointed when the boss room mission is to kill 2 bosses, and one of them is a tiny bug. We noticed that in some boss rooms we have mixture of tankbugs, clockies, and T-rexs, this feels like a quick dirty “throw things together expect it to work” instead of being creative and make boss room mobs unique and fun to fight.

Over all I feel too that the dev team is working hard to making a true AAA game. The graphics are amazing!


As always, well thought out Blazo! Similar to the Che but see them more often and also associate them with higher rarity drops for items, nft’s and artifacts. It’s a great idea imo

I like the idea of ​​separating the boss room into two parts, and thus create the experience of a really strong boss, with extra abilities and difficult to kill. Area attacks, freezing, enrage, immunity for a few seconds, chasing the marked target, summoning other mobs (another mechanic in the boss room, could be to resist waves and in the end, kill the boss)

We know that they are working to improve and this requires some tests and changes, we will be with you in that process to help as much as possible.

Great ideas as always…agree 99% just think that boss fight shold be mandatory not a choice…